If you read my 2018 Goals post, you know that one of my resolutions for this year is to get in shape. As hard as that can be to commit to (especially for me, a serial work-out quitter), I have found a routine that I’m dedicated to: kickboxing at 9Round.

There are so many reasons why 9Round simply works.

1. It is a short work out that works

It’s a rigorous 30 minute work out. You do a 3 minute exercise at 9 different stations, with a 30 second group exercise in between each station.

There is a bell that rings to signal the start of the 3 minute period, a bell for the 30-second remaining mark (so you know the end is near and can push yourself even harder), and an ending bell (which signals the start of the group 30-second exercise).

2. You have trainers who know you and your goals

You really get to know your trainers. Cosmos and Razor (those are their fighter names) are our trainers at the Mockingbird Location, and they know everyone by name. They also know our goals, and are the ones instructing you on what to do at each station.

They are the ones shouting out motivation just when you think you’re about to quit.

Long story short- they are awesome.

3. Your work out changes every single time

I get bored of doing the same work out every time I go to the gym. At 9Round, I don’t have to worry about that because every single day there is a new exercise to do at each station. So you never get bored!

4. It is a non-intimidating environment

There are all sorts of people at 9Round, from beginners to pros. It’s an awesome atmosphere where we all are simply doing our best, and get encouraged by our trainers. They teach you when your punch is wrong, so you’re always improving.

5. Kickboxing is different from other types of workout

Can we just pause for a moment and agree that kickboxing is just… cool? I mean, throwing punches kind of makes you feel like a champ.

With all of the different punching bags at 9Round, you’re learning a ton of really neat techniques.

6. You can go whenever you want

Since the way it works is in a rotation, you can come at any time and just rotate in. If all of the stations are really full, there are routines where you can double up.

7. For me personally: I have a work out buddy

I’m the type that is not self-motivated to work out. Fortunately, I have a work out buddy, Mary, who is also my Instagram BFF- she’s also a Dallas blogger (her site is CapturingHappiness.co).

We signed up for 9Round together, and it is more fun having her there so we can push each other and have accountability.

8. It’s in an ideal location

Mockingbird Station has so much to offer, including some great restaurants where Mary and I like to eat afterwards (because tacos are a great way to follow a workout lol).

It’s so easy to get to as its just off of 75.

9. You see results- and pretty quickly, too!

Two ways- first, just by seeing how much stronger you’re getting. Squats become a piece of cake, you can do more cardio, and your muscles start getting toned.

The second way is through the heart rate monitors you can get from 9Round that show you how much you’re burning! Talk about instant gratification šŸ™‚

Long story short, if you’re in the Dallas area, definitely check out 9Round. You can sign up for a free class to see exactly what I’m talking about!




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