The athleisure trend is taking the world by storm. Whether you’re actually working out or not, it has become socially acceptable to rock your athletic gear.

And thank goodness, because if you can be comfy and cute at the same time, I think you’ve achieved every girl’s style dream.

The new Fall Collection at Anne Fontaine Casual features exactly that- clothes that are extremely cute, yet extremely comfortable. It’s a win-win.

I selected two pieces from their Fall Collection, the KATEL cardigan and the KIM dress.

The KATEL cardigan

This cardigan has a few incredible details that I simply must mention:

  • It’s velvet and deliciously soft
  • It has stylish sleeves with a cut-out dotted pattern all over them
  • Its uneven hem makes for a great aesthetic

Style it

My mom always told me black matches everything. While that’s not always the case (sorry, mom), it’s usually true! Pair this with leggings, jeans, and almost any color.

My favorite thing to wear with black is white and more black. Boring? Perhaps, but that combo will never go out of style.

You can definitely rock the athleisure trend in this cardigan. Pair it with some leggings and comfy shoes and call it a day!

Since it is so comfortable and since I love traveling, it will be my go-to for long plane rides.

Airports demand the athleisure trend. Long periods of time sitting down? In a space that’s way too small for one person? Trust me, you’re going to want to be comfortable.

The KIM dress

The KIM dress gives the phrase “Little Black Dress” a whole new meaning. Since it is so comfortable, this LBD can be dressed up or dressed down.

The details:

  • It fits like a glove. I’m a curvy person and it fits perfectly!
  • There is a wave pattern out of raglan lace from the sleeves all the way up to the high collar
  • It has a concealed zipper in the back
  • It is also extremely soft!

Style it

Like I mentioned earlier, you can easily dress this up or down.

Dress it up with heels and jewelry.

Dress it down with your favorite booties.

I wore it to our trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Since it’s a classy dress, it fits the sophisticated mindset that I like to have when perusing art collections šŸ™‚

And what’s great about it is I also wore it to Klyde Warren Park across the street from the DMA. Yup, it’s comfortable enough to walk around a park in. And it made my gluten-free food-truck pizza taste like a million bucks.

If you haven’t yet, check out the Anne Fontaine Casual line here!



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