10 Things You’ll Find at the Boho Market at the DFM

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Bohemian vibes are becoming more and more popular. From the integration of bohemian style into modern interior decor to the greater focus placed on shopping local, it’s not hard to find.

The Boho Market occasionally comes to the Dallas Farmers Market, and when it does, you won’t want to miss it. It ties all of your favorite boho items with local vendors- a win for everyone.

Here are ten things you’ll find when you visit the Boho Market at the DFM.

1. Trinkets and treasures

2. Handmade goods

3. Graphic tees & so many clothing options

I am particularly excited about my new Dallas TX graphic tee from @postcodetx. Photo to come.

4. Photo ready displays

5. Baby onesies that will make you giggle

6. These llama pillows

7. All of the succulents your heart could ever desire

8. So many murals!

9. A photobooth

10. Crafty ideas turned into reality, like these dog backpacks (unfortunately, these bulldogs don’t come with)

And of course, all of the other staples of the Dallas Farmers Market. Snacks, coffee, local produce, grass-fed meat, an incredible view of downtown Dallas, the list goes on and on. And don’t forget about Rubial’s next door, where you can get all of the plants that you could ever want. Read more about the DFM here!

Check out the next time the Boho Market will be coming to the DFM here!

They’ll still be there tomorrow if you read this in time!



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  1. Hi ,how are you ? Hope you are doing great? My name is Mar Hernadez , I stared my little business not to long a go and so now looking for a platoform s to help my business to grow , I heard of the bohomarket and I think that’s a amazing place to be part of , I would like to know how can I be a vendor, of course if you give me the opportunity , I think my products are unic & people will fall in ?? with them not jus for the beautiful hand art that they have but especially they are Made with lots of love ? Thank you sincerely Mar Hernandez

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