Shaving and waxing are one of those things that seem unavoidable as a woman. Time consuming, expensive, painful, annoying, unpleasant, inconvenient- all frequently associated with shaving and waxing- and with no end in sight!!

Hold up- there actually is an end in sight if you consider laser hair removal!

Imagine having that freshly shaved/waxed confidence ALL the time.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

After considering the options, I decided to get underarm hair removal with the laser hair removal center ranked number one in the US: Ideal Image.

I had my first treatment last Saturday, and want to answer some questions for you guys that I had.

1. Does it hurt?

This was the number one question asked by my friends and family.

I’d describe the pain as a mild to moderate pin-prick sensation. Most of the moderate pain is in the center of your underarm, and the mild pain is around the edges.

If you’re afraid of pain like I am, don’t worry! It only lasts for about 30 seconds. Then it’s over and it’s on to the next underarm.

Afterwards, for about an hour or so (for me at least) there was a very mild stinging sensation- emphasis on very mild. It faded pretty quickly.

2. How many treatments do I need?

The package with Ideal Image comes with 9 treatments, though most people only need around five.

The experts at Ideal Image assess you to make sure that you’re completely done with your treatment.

You’ll notice less and less hair growing back after each treatment.

And the reason for multiple treatments is due to the hair growth cycle. The lasers only get hair follicles that are in the active stage.

3. Why Ideal Image?

When it comes to any sort of treatment on your body, you want the best of the best. You definitely want to be in good hands. And the great thing about Ideal Image is that they give you treatment options that are catered to you, and use medical grade machines.

There are different types of laser hair removal machines. Most medspas use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for hair removal and it is less effective (and more painful!) than lasers.

But at Ideal Image, they use medical grade machines that are used by medical professionals. And that’s another reason- Ideal Image only uses licensed medical professionals to perform treatments. You won’t find that at many other medspas.

At Ideal Image, these medical professionals have performed over 6 million laser hair removal treatments. It definitely gives you confidence in what they are doing!

4. How do I know if I qualify for laser hair removal?

You’ll want to go in for a consultation. The best combination for laser hair removal is dark hair and light skin (though Ideal Image is able to treat darker skin tones unlike most medspas!).

Once you’re done with your consultation, you can get your first treatment done on the same day.

5. What is the cost like?

Honestly, it varies based on what you need done and what specials are going on. I’d reccomend setting up a consultation at your local Ideal Image. I went to the new Fort Worth location, where I worked with Dede, Mindy, and Molly. These ladies are the sweetest, and made me feel right at home!

6. How long was the treatment?

I was at Ideal Image for about an hour. You spend forty minutes in the consultation, where they make sure you are a good candidate, explain the procedure, etc. Then you spend about five minutes with the nurse to verify that you’re ready for the treatment. After that, you get your laser hair removal package set up and confirmed. You are then ready for the actual procedure, which takes about three minutes total. And voila! Your first treatment is done!

I’ll keep posting more questions as I think of them during my future treatments, and keep you all updated on the results!

Please comment if you have any questions you’d like me to try to answer for you based on my experience!




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