Okay, maybe I should change the title of this post to say ‘small’ instead of ‘big’ TV debut. But either way, becoming a blogger has opened up some really cool opportunities, and one of them was being on Good Morning Texas.

The Backstory

If you’re not a blogger, let me explain a few things. You get emailed by people regarding all sorts of things- whether it’s for a collaboration, an event opening, offering their assistance with marketing, etc.

This time I was emailed by a company looking for a model for a TV segment on Good Morning Texas.

At first I thought to myself, “do they know I’m not a model?” And I actually responded along those lines- “I’m not a model but I’d love to!”

She explained that they weren’t looking for models, but for everyday people. With a sigh of relief, I replied letting her know I was in!

The TV Segment

The TV segment was for, a European online clothing company that has a TON of clothes, accessories, etc. I think they actually have over 20,000 items!

Good Morning Texas on WFAA was featuring Boohoo on Friday morning, and they wanted to have people model outfits from while they discussed the company with Julie, the ultra-chic rep in the above photo.

The Studio

When I got the the WFAA Studio on Friday morning, I was automatically star struck. It’s no Hollywood, but there’s just something about the Big Screen that makes you feel fame in the air 🙂

After our segment (all we had to do was walk out and pose in our clothes), we got to hang around the studio and see what goes on behind the scenes.

All of the people we met at WFAA were incredibly kind. It was definitely an experience to remember!

So there you go, a short story about how my blog got me on TV! It’s fun seeing all of the things that can come out of being a blogger. If that’s something that interests you, check out my page on how to start your own blog!



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