Horseback Riding with Riverman Trail Rides in Oklahoma

I have a thing for horseback riding. I don’t know if it’s the power of the horses that’s so appealing, or the primal instincts rooted deep within me, but when I go to new places, horseback riding is always on my list. The wind in your hair, the fresh outdoor air, the beauty of the horses- it’s my idea of fun. Last weekend Harrison took me up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for my birthday. And naturally, we did a bit of horseback riding!

riding horses in broken bow riverman ranch

Riverman Trail Rides

We headed to Riverman Trail Rides, where we got the best ride we’ve ever had. That’s saying a lot, seeing as how we’ve done trail rides in Dallas, north Texas, Rwanda, Cancun, and more.

So what made it so great?

Four main things:

  1. Our incredible guide
  2. Super soft saddles
  3. Gorgeous land
  4. The horses

Horse back riding riverman

Our guide

We had Shannon as our trail guide. Not only was he kind, but informative and fun to talk to. He shared with us tales of breaking horses, crazy things that have happened, and stories behind Riverman Ranch.

You can really tell that Shannon’s passion is for horses. He gets joy from being around them, and it is contagious! He truly cares for these horses, and it shows.

Not to mention how whenever I wanted to stop for a photo, he happily obliged and would dismount to help hold Harrison’s horse steady. And let me tell you- we took a LOT of photos.

Soft saddles

This may not sound like that big of a deal, but trust me, it is. Usually after a ride in a not-so-soft saddle, it kind of hurts and your legs are super sore afterwards.

But these were strangely comfortable- I’d never felt saddles like them! I could’ve been sitting in a moving comfy chair.

Our last ride was in Mexico where our saddles were so tough it was almost like riding bareback. So you can imagine how nice some padding is!

The beautiful land

Riverman Trail Rides cover a lot of land. When Shannon was taking us on our ride, he explained that there are different routes you can take depending on what you want to see.

Our ride went through the forest, through a small river, on open plains, and through pastures.

On each type of land you’re surrounded by beauty; check out this view at the top of the forest:

riding horses in broken bow riverman ranch

It doesn’t capture the extent of the view but hopefully you get a good idea of what you’ll find!

The horses

The horses that Harrison and I rode were so calm and obedient. They knew who to follow and didn’t mess with each other.

My horse was named Star. He is such a beauty!

girl and horse close up with a view

Riverman Trail Rides has over 45 horses, and they are quite a sight to see.

A one-hour trail ride is only $45 per person, and you can upgrade to a private ride for an extra $20. Compared to Dallas ride pricing, that really is a steal!

Check their website here for any updated pricing and to schedule a ride if you’re going to be in the area!




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