A Dallas Staycation at the Crescent Hotel

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This weekend, Harrison and I spent our time at the Crescent Hotel for a lovely staycation.

A staycation, in my point of view, is anytime you’re doing things you normally do on vacation, but in your home city.

Whether that’s taking a vacation day, going to the beach, or staying at a hotel, a staycation is something that’s good for the soul, in my opinion!

Something that is particularly special about staycations is that you are able to see your home city in a whole new light. You get to experience it like a place that you are visiting for the first time.

And of course, it gives you the freedom to sit back, relax, and enjoy a mini vacation!

We did our staycation by spending a night in the Crescent Hotel, in Uptown Dallas.

The Crescent

The Crescent Hotel is a staple in Uptown. It’s elite status and upscale dining and shopping options make it a Dallas classic.

Harrison actually works in the Crescent offices adjacent to the hotel, so he’s quite familiar with the area.

Some of the shops in the area include Stanley Korshak and my favorite coffee shop, Ascension coffee. There are so many great restaurants in the area, like Ocean Prime and Uchi (the most amazing sushi place).

There is also some incredible architecture at the Crescent, with gorgeous symmetry and intricacy.

Since we are entering the holiday season, the hotel was all decked out with lights and decorations. Their brilliant Christmas tree is just a dream to see in person:

And how fun is this ornaments sculpture?

When staying at the Crescent, you can always expect kindness and wonderful customer service.

We stayed at The Crescent’s sister hotel, The Mansion, on our wedding night, and were treated with a warm welcome and by workers who went above and beyond to make our stay pleasant.

That has continued throughout our stays at The Crescent- we just love staying at these hotels 🙂

Our room

The Crescent has been undergoing a renovation this year, and is currently in the last stages. Our room had been fully completed, and it was truly gorgeous! Check out these room photos from our stay:

Things to do

If you’re in the area there is so much to do. The M-Line Trolley has a stop at the Crescent (read more about the Trolley here), you can visit one of the many surrounding restaurants, and you have all of the attractions of downtown Dallas.

Whether you want to take a walk around Klyde Warren Park or see a world of culture at the Dallas Museum of Art, there’s something for everyone.

And if you’re more interested in exploring the Crescent, you can check out the surrounding shops, visit the spa, or go to the pool.

The pool is open year round, it features great city views and a gorgeous fountain.

It’s handicap-friendly, too!


Breakfast in the Conservatory is a must if you’re spending the night. I got an omelette, Harrison got the brisket hash, and we got gluten-free toast and coffee.

The Conservatory, decorated with contemporary lanterns and fabrics, is off of the main Lobby. It features huge windows overlooking the garden outside.

All in all, the Crescent has a ton of stuff to offer whether you’re visiting Dallas or wanting to do a staycation. You can book your stay at The Crescent here!




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