Escaping to Athens in the Gorgeous Texas Countryside

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Last month, we spent time in Athens. I’d typically want Athens to mean I was in Greece. But Athens, TX is a beauty unto itself! The quintessential country feel is found on the drive down to this Texas town. Within 1.5 hours from Dallas, Athens is the perfect getaway if you’re looking for a day retreat.

Harrison and I are so fortunate that his brother has land out in Athens, because it means loads of fun with family and each other.

Whether we’re feeding the donkeys, going four-wheeling, or boating on the lake, we know we’re bound to have an adventure every time we go. And a relaxing adventure at that! Though Dallas is our home, it’s still a breath of fresh air every time we get out of the city.

You see, when I first met Harrison and learned he was from Texas, I imagined horse-riding, crop-growing, small-town Texas. I had never been to Texas, so country music was all I knew of the south. Ha! Was I surprised when upon my arrival, my romanticized view of Texas turned upside down into the vibrant city-view of Dallas.

Don’t get me wrong- I am in love with this city. But when you’re expecting cows and horses, and you see cars and tall buildings, confusion might ensue.

Fortunately my small-town dreams were fulfilled by Southern hospitality and the countryside getaways. I definitely have not been disappointed by the people here!

Quite the opposite- when I first met Harrison’s mom, she told me she was “tickled” to meet me! I had never heard that phrase before and this woman with her Southern hospitality and charm truly made me feel welcome.

And that Texas countryside, y’all.


Even though Dallas was the opposite of what I had pictured, over the past two years of living here, I have found that what I pictured does exist in Texas!

Places like Athens, Tyler, the Texas Hill Country… and so much more. You’ve got to visit to believe it.

The best part is, this state is ginormous. I think I’ll be quite content exploring the ins-and-outs of it for the foreseeable future.



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