Nikon D750

I’ve had it since 2017 and I still love it! Worth the investment if you’re serious about photography.

24-120mm Lens

This lens is my go-to lens since it has a wide zoom range.

Sigma 24mm/f 1.4

I love this lens since it can create the bokeh effect (where the background is blurry but the subject is clear).

Camera Bag

This is a medium-sized camera bag. It is great for the basics- it holds my DSLR with a lens on it plus one other lens.

GoPro Hero 9

Great for recording video and taking underwater photos, especially when combined with the dome port.

Dome Housing

This enables you to take “half & half” underwater shots, where you can see the sky and whatever is under water.

Mavic Air 2

We absolutely love taking drone videos and photos! This is a compact drone that takes great shots.

Travel Tripod

This tripod folds up small enough to fit in a carry-on. It is very versatile and has been a faithful companion for years!

Lens Filters

These filters are especially helpful when taking long-exposure shots (ie. waterfalls) and photos of high-reflective surfaces like water and windows.

Power Bank

This power bank has everything you need- no extra cords needed! It even plugs right into the wall for easy charging!


This kit is so helpful for indoor photography to improve lighting conditions.

Car Outlet

Anyone going on a road trip needs this! This allows you to charge camera batteries, drone batteries, etc. when on the go.


This makes for a great photo prop! It also takes fun retro photos.

Hard Drive

I get a new one of these every year to store my photos and keep them organized. They come in different sizes- I typically get 2GB each year.

SD Card Reader

There isn’t anything exceptionally special about this other than it has worked for me without fail since 2017.

Camera Jacket

Whether you’re photographing a waterfall or are traveling somewhere rainy, this is key for protecting your camera from water.