This Gigi Pip hat is a staple! I have it in their cream color.

I think that everyone should have a high-quality boater hat! Mine is actually a Lack of Color dupe from Urban Outfitters but they don’t make it anymore 🙁 LOC still makes theirs, though! It’s linked here!

This goes with me on every single cold weather trip. It’s so warm and comfy and I love how the mustard yellow pops in photos.

This is a summer photo staple! Unfortunately it doesn’t stay on very well, but it’s a gorgeous hat so I recommend it anyway. I’ve got a very average sized head and I size up for this one because the small is way too small on me!

I love how this hat looks in photos! The holes make for some cool shadows, too.

This is a cold weather staple that matches pretty much anything! It’s so warm and comfortable, too. Doesn’t itch at all (unlike a lot of other beanies IMO!)

I have this Urban Outfitters hat without the lining on the brim, but this is the updated version. I think I like it better than the one I have (that is no longer available).

I adore this Sunshine Tienda hat! I have it in two different colors! It fits perfectly (isn’t prone to flying off my head) and looks great in photos!