One of the most beautiful places in Dallas has to be the Dallas Arboretum.

That being said, I’ll warn you that this post is going to be incredibly photo-heavy, because there is beauty every way you turn and it should be shared šŸ™‚

Long story short, whether you’re a Dallas native or just visiting for a while, the Arboretum is a must when visiting Dallas.

Here’s what you can expect to find at the Arboretum:

1. A current exhibit or theme

The Arboretum is constantly changing their themes based on the season. This fall’s pumpkin patch is all about The Wizard of Oz. You’ll find Auntie Em’s house made out of pumpkins, the Emerald City, a yellow brick road, and your favorite characters!

2. Restaurants

Don’t worry about getting hungry here! There are a few restaurants and food vendors throughout the Arboretum, ranging in price.

3. A view of White Rock Lake

The Arboretum actually sits adjacent to the lake, so you get a pretty great view of it and of downtown Dallas in the distance.

4. Water features

Along that note, there are other water features at the Arboretum as well. Ranging from reflecting pools and fountains to creeks and waterfalls, there’s plenty of water to be seen.

5. Flowers, of course!

It is an arboretum, after all! You’ll find a wide variety of flowers and plants that are in season.

6. A kid’s garden

The Children’s Adventure Garden is perfect for kids and families!

7. A lot of symmetry

8. Gazebos, credenzas, and porticoes, oh my!

There are a lot of separate garden areas throughout the park that are accentuated with gorgeous centerpieces and features.

So when it’s nice out and you’re in the mood for some gorgeous scenery, head over to the Arboretum- you can get tickets here.

But before you go, note these few things:

  • If you’re planning a visit for two to the Arboretum more than twice a year, it’s actually cheaper to just get the year long membership for $89. This comes with a free guest, free parking, and free admission. If you were to just do normal ticketing for two, $15 admission and $15 parking adds up to $45 each time.
  • If you are just planning on visiting once, they usually have discounted parking coupons on their website.
  • Bring water! We always seem to forget this and end up spending way more than water should cost.
  • Parking is pretty simple. The easiest place to park is on Lower Level 2 of the parking garage across the street, which connects to the park through an underground tunnel.

What’s your favorite thing about the Arboretum?




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