While we were in Kigali, we visited Fazenda Sengha, a horseback riding ranch atop Mount Kigali. We had an incredible time on a hour-long trail ride through the forest while gazing upon Kigali itself. Spectacular views hit us from all angles.

What to expect

Before you get to Fazenda Sengha, there’s a pretty rickety uphill road ahead of you. Our taxi driver didn’t know where it was (we learned that it’s not a very well-known place). We paid him a bit extra to stay for the hour so that we wouldn’t have to worry about another taxi trying to find the ranch. He seemed to enjoy his time chatting up with the ranch hands and petting the horses while we were on our ride, so it was a win-win šŸ™‚

When we arrived, we were almost immediately taken to our horses, and off we went! They didn’t even require payment until after we were done- a whole 50,000 francs for the two of us ($60 total).

Our horses followed our guide, and another worker rode behind us. You basically enjoy the views for an hour as you circle around the side of the mountain.

What to wear

Definitely opt for pants, since chafing isn’t the most pleasant experience. If you don’t have closed-toed shoes, not to worry! They provide them at no extra cost! But don’t forget your socks! Helmets are also provided at the ranch.

What to bring

Honestly, not much. Since you’re only on an hour long ride, snacks aren’t necessary. Bring a water bottle  and some tip money šŸ™‚



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