Glamping in Rwanda at Inzu Lodge

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If there’s a place to go glamping, it’s Rwanda. That perfect weather and the gorgeous scenery make for the perfect camping atmosphere. And the glamorous part is in the almost fully functional bathrooms, the restaurant, and bungalow at Inzu Lodge.

At the end of our trip to Rwanda, we spent three nights at Inzu Lodge, where we were constantly awed by gorgeous views.

The lodging

We stayed in the one bungalow on-site. The other options were adorable tented lodgings, fully equipped with beds and mosquito nets.

Our bungalow had a queen and a twin bed in it, both with mosquito nets, and plenty of space to place our luggage. And yes, the doors did lock at night, though we never felt unsafe. We also had electricity (thankfully!) and our own private bathroom/outhouse. How cute is this bungalow, though??

For the camping part of glamping- the toilet did not have plumbing, and the shower was just a shower head pouring down onto stones. But hey, they still work! And of course, as foreigners, you can’t drink or brush with the tap water. I will say that using water bottles as teeth-brushing water was quite challenging without a counter top or proper sink.

“Roughing it” with those amenities was different, but not hard. It really made us appreciate nature and modern technology at the same time!

The food

The American breakfast (that’s what it’s called on the menu) that Harrison would get each morning for $4.50 was comically large and not-so-American, but he loved every bite.

One thing to note about Rwanda is the very slow dining service. We literally waited an hour and a half for our lunch once at a different hotel- and we were the only ones in the restaurant. I’m not sure why this happens, but it was the case at every meal we ate. Inzu is no exception, but it’s not a bad thing.

Waiting 30 minutes to an hour for your food makes you relax and soak up everything. You have time to reflect on your day, talk to your dining buddy (in this case my husband!) and really enjoy your food when it comes.

And the food at Inzu lodge was dee-licious.

The activities

Check out my post about Lake Kivu for a full list of things to do, but highlights were boating on the lake, visiting the tea plantation, and getting massages at the hot springs.


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