I wanted to update you all on my laser hair removal journey with Ideal Image! First, can I just say that if you are considering laser hair removal, just consider how much of a difference it can make! No shaving/waxing/Nairing… Instead you can have a boost of confidence in that tank top or whatever it is you’re wearing. The difference is profound, almost painless, and so easy!

Anyway, I started my Ideal Image experience in March (you can read about my initial thoughts and first round of treatment here), and recently went in for my second treatment. There is an 8 week break in between treatments.

I got my second round of laser hair removal done ten days ago, and the results speak for themselves!

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The Steps (as experienced by me) after my first treatment

  1. Get laser hair removal. To prepare for this, you just need to shave the morning of the treatment.
  2. Leave the hairs alone for at least a few days before shaving them. During this period, the existing hairs start growing out as they fall out.
  3. Your hairs start falling out a bit at a time (it takes 2-3 weeks for the hair to shed). DO NOT pluck them or get them waxed!
  4. Once they’ve all come out, this is followed by a 3-5 week period where I don’t see any hair at all!
  5. After that, when the next hair cycle starts kicking in, I see really thin, light hairs starting to grow. You can definitely shave them! Fewer hairs grow back compared to what you had originally.
  6. They start getting a bit darker and thicker by the time your second treatment comes around. Make sure you avoid sun exposure on your underarm area a few weeks prior to your next treatment!

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Round 2

My second treatment was not as painful as the first one (not that it was super painful on the first go-around, it just was less this time!). My nurse said that usually the second one can hurt more because they increase the voltage– but I didn’t get that feeling. Maybe it was because I knew what to expect, or maybe it was just that I had fewer hairs to zap this time around. Either way, it wasn’t as intense!

I’m currently at the cool stage where the little hairs are slowly coming out. I love this stage because it really fascinates me to see less and less hairs on my underarms each day. That might be weird, but I just love seeing the results!

And of course I love the completely hairless stage. It’s unreal to think that after all of my treatments are done, the hairless stage will be permanent!

Comparing to MedSpas

I wanted to get a full scoop on MedSpas vs. Ideal Image for you all (and for myself to know!). I called a few local MedSpas inquiring about getting my bikini line done to see what answers they had to my questions.

There are some great deals on Groupon for MedSpa laser hair removal, and since these deals are probably the ones most people opt into, I figured I’d ask exactly what you can expect with them.

One office didn’t give much information, but the other was pretty helpful. The lady I talked to at Ultimate Image MedSpa explained that their goal is hair REDUCTION. After all of your treatments you can expect less hair in the future, but it’ll be back this time next year. 

So the only time you don’t have hair is that sweet spot when the existing hairs have fallen out and the next round have not grown in yet.

The reason for the temporary nature of the MedSpa treatments is due to the quality of laser machine they are using. Meanwhile, at Ideal Image, they offer a Lifetime Membership for treated areas as a guarantee that the hair removal is permanent!

So I hope this conveys how much I’m loving my Ideal Image treatment, and how much I recommend it to you all!

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