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I grew up in Potomac, Maryland, a three hour drive from the Atlantic Ocean.

I went to school in Los Angeles, a 30-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean (including time spent sitting in that LA traffic).

I am now in Dallas, a whopping five-hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico (which admittedly isn’t all that pretty).

Y’all. I now totally have beach envy.

For anyone in a land locked state, I feel your pain.

As far north as Dallas is and as large as the state of Texas is, the beach is really time consuming to get to.

And I miss it so much- the palm trees, the ocean, the sand, the sea spray, the vibes.

While the ocean, sea spray, and vibes are nowhere to be found, imagine my joy at stumbling upon sandy shores here in Dallas!

Lynn Creek Marina

Fortunately just a short 40 minutes away from Dallas is Lynn Creek Marina at Joe Pool Lake.

We did a two-hour canoe rental for $30, which we booked online here beforehand.

With a bottle of water, life vests, and paddles in tow, we headed out on the water. (It’s BYO water, but you get the life vests and paddles from the marina!)

You might be wondering, what do you do on the water in a canoe for two hours?

Well it is a phenomenal way to rejuvenate, spend time with your significant other, friend, family, etc. Spend some time relaxing or talking while getting a light arm workout in.

I’d recommend bringing a little picnic to enjoy out on the water, too!

Lynn Creek Park

girl at joe pool lake

Afterwards, we hit up Lynn Creek Park so we could spend some time in the sand.

The entrance fee for the park is $15 per vehicle (they accept credit cards, so no cash needed).

You follow the signs to the lake, find a place to park (there was plenty of parking when we went), then the sand awaits!

While the beach area isn’t that huge, there is still plenty of room to enjoy an afternoon by the water.

The swimming area is pretty generous, though the water doesn’t get all that deep.

And if you’re visiting in March like we did, expect some freezing cold lake water!

Please note that pets are not allowed at the beach, so leave your furry friends at home.

Joe Pool Lake

When you’re not canoeing or relaxing on the sand, there is plenty else to do at Joe Pool Lake!

You can go kayaking, paddle boarding, rent a boat, rent a pontoon, and so on.

And if you get hungry, you can stop on by the marina where you’ll find Oasis, a nice dining option.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

If you like hiking, you’ll find my favorite spot on the Dallas side of the lake at Cedar Ridge Preserve.

It has better views than the hikes at Lynn Creek Park, and there is a beautiful pond to hike to, Cattail Pond.

Driving from Lynn Creek Park to Cedar Ridge Preserve takes about fifteen minutes and Cedar Ridge Preserve is free to enter.

Happy exploring!


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