The M-Line Trolley: A Free Way to See Dallas

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The M-Line Trolley is one of those things that you see everywhere but don’t know enough about, so you never get on it. Here’s exactly what you need to know about the trolley so that you can finally use it for once!

How to get on

You can get on the trolley anywhere that you see the M-Line Trolley bus stop sign. You can see where the trolley is on your phone at this link. It’s that easy- when they see you, they’ll stop!

There is also a schedule online, here. But even if you don’t have it, the trolley runs in 22 minute intervals or less, so the wait isn’t too bad.

We typically park in the West Village parking garage and check out the West Village shops beforehand. There are multiple trolley stops all around the West Village shopping square.

What to expect

The trolley makes a loop from West Village to the DMA/Klyde Warren Park. With frequent stops in between (38 M-Line stops total), there are plenty of chances for you to get on or off the trolley. Simply press the button at your seat when you want to get off.

The interior of the trolley has some great old-world charm; it looks a lot like an old fashioned trolley on the inside. It has been running since 1983 and has some great vintage street cars.

Unfortunately due to their historical nature, the trolleys aren’t equipped with a handicapped entrance, though the operator may be able to assist a handicap person with boarding some of the bigger cars.

The full trolley loop is about 45 minutes. There is no official start or stop, you can get on or off anywhere.

It has some pretty great hours too! Monday through Thursday it runs from 7AM to 10PM, Friday from 7AM to midnight, Saturday from 10AM to midnight, and 10AM to 10PM on Saturday.

The best places to get off

There are some great attractions along the trolley route. My favorites are:

  • The DMA
  • Klyde Warren Park
  • Restaurants in Uptown
  • Hotel Zaza
  • West Village shopping square
  • The Crescent Hotel and surrounding shops

What to bring

  • Your phone- that’s the best way to track it to see where it is
  • Kids/ friends/ your significant other- anyone is welcome!
  • Your dog- well behaved dogs (along with their owners) are allowed!
  • That’s it! No money is needed since it’s free.

Questions? Comments? There’s room for that down below!


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