Lloving Llamas: Our Time at Shangrillama, Dallas

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What do Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, the phrase “como te llama?,” drama, and the Bahamas have in common?

Well, other than sharing the letters “ama,” they are the names of the llamas you’ll find at ShangriLlama.

ShangriLlama is the name of a llama farm where you can learn all about llamas while sitting right next to them.

We got a Groupon to visit ShangriLlama for a Llama Llesson last weekend, and it was the best Groupon activity I’ve done yet!


Llamas are native to South America (though at one point they lived in Los Angeles!).

Locals use them as pack animals as they can carry up to 30% of their body weight, and their unique toes allow them to be sure-footed even on rocky ground.

They live in herds, and there are social ranks within the group.

They’re not the same as alpacas. You can tell a llama from an alpaca a few different ways, but my favorite is that llamas have banana-shaped ears.

They also don’t spit at people like alpacas do! We learned that they do spit at each other, so just be sure to avoid the crossfire 🙂

What to expect

Mama Llama (she’s in charge- how cute is that name!!) meets you at the entrance and directs you to the barn.

You’re allowed to show up 20 minutes before your hour long Llama Lesson, and you can stay for an additional 20 minutes afterwards. You can take as many pictures as you want in this time.

During the lesson, Mama Llama shares all about llamas while using her llovely llamas as examples.

And the Llama Llessons happen rain or shine- the actual lesson part is held in the barn.

Afterward, weather permitting, you can follow the llamas outside of the barn for some great photos.

What to wear

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Comfy clothes– if you’re like me and want great photos, it might involve sitting on a barn floor or on some grass 🙂

How to sign up

You can buy your tickets here.

Afterward, you’ll sign up for your Llama Llesson time slot and use the Groupon email voucher code to get your discount.

Complete directions on how to do this come to your email with your Groupon code.

Some weird llama facts we llearned:

  • Llamas emit a scent when they are intimidated. It comes from their ankles and smells like popcorn!
  • Llamas can run extremely fast! They are just about tied with horses!
  • Sometimes llamas like to be greeted with a huff of breath right in their faces! They will sometimes come up to you and put their mouths right in front of yours, waiting for you to breathe on them!
  • They can’t kick you like horses do! You can stand right behind them and nothing will happen.

Meet the llamas:

Dalai Llama

Check out Dalai Llama’s blue eyes! This is extremely rare! It also helps you see how llama pupils are ovals, not circles like ours. Dalai Llama is the head of this llama pack.

Barack O Llama

This is Barack O Llama, the llama with the softest coat. That’s due to his Chilean descent!

Bahama Llama

This is Bahama Llama. The Bahamas might have you thinking of a relaxed, chill llama, but he was having some serious sass during our Llama Llesson.

Drama Llama

This is Drama Llama, who lives up to his name.

Como te Llama

This is Como Te Llama. He’s actually the bottom of the pack, which isn’t all that bad, as no one sees him as competition. He’s also the happiest llama- can’t you tell by the smile on his face? 🙂

Oh, and this is my face after getting kissed by a llama!!

Read enough? Head to ShangriLlama

ShangriLlama lives up to it’s namesake, Shangri La, a mythical place of tranquility. Just add in a few llamas!

You can get discounted ShangriLlama Llama Llesson tickets right here on Groupon!

Have fun!


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