The Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort: A Hotel Review

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So you’ve booked your trip to Maui- congrats!! Get ready for a vacation in paradise!

But now you’ve got to figure out where to stay.

Good news- ever since the Andaz Maui at Wailea graced the shores of south central Maui in 2013, the decision on where to stay became very easy to make.

What makes the Andaz Maui different?

First things first.

From the moment you step into the Andaz, you feel welcome.

You’re greeted with a tuberose lei- one of the most fragrant flowers decorating your neck.

You don’t stand awkwardly at reception while they confirm your reservation and check their computers for the pertinent information.

Instead, you’re ushered over to the huge, open-air seating area where you can look over the balcony at the grand pools below.

You’re handed some lavender lemonade and a refreshing, cold hand towel.

Then the front desk person comes over to you and goes over any and all details of your stay.

It’s a relaxing introduction to paradise!

Read on for more things you can expect to find at the Andaz!

The room

We were in a king room with an ocean view.

The rooms at the Andaz are cream and white, with fresh, crisp linens and a modern touch.

My favorite feature was the sheer and blackout curtains that are controlled by a few buttons on your nightstand.

You’ll notice that everything is neatly tucked away; the drawers are under the bed, the closet and bathroom are camouflaged behind beautiful white shutter doors.

The bathroom

When you walk into the bathroom, there are two main areas. The vanity separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom (ie. it’s to the right of the shower wall pictured above).

The shower is huge and you can actually open the shutter doors you see here in case you feel like watching TV while in the shower!

You also have the choice of a rainfall shower head, a movable shower head, or both at the same time.

The pools

At the Andaz Maui, you have five different pools to choose from! Three are ocean-facing, cascading infinity pools, one is a lagoon pool, and the last is a tranquility pool for guests 18 and over.

As you walk down from the hotel to the beach, you’ll pass the multi-tiered pools.

There are great options for whatever you’re looking for, from hot tub relaxation to fun social hang outs with cocktails.

The food

You can’t go wrong at any of the restaurants at the Andaz!

There are 5 restaurants open daily, and the farm-to-table dining experiences are bar none.

  • Ka’ana Kitchen– this is where you’ll find a delicious breakfast buffet and fine dining for dinner- including a six-course meal option!
  • Lehua Lounge– looking to relax and enjoy your meal alongside cascading waterfalls? Lehua is open for handcrafted cocktails and delicious snack and dishes. Enjoy your meal with orgeous views of Mokapu Beach.
  • Morimoto Maui– this restaurant was created by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, so you know the food is going to be amazing! He uses locally sourced, seasonal fresh ingredients to craft incredible hand rolled sushi and sashimi.
  • Bumbye Beach Bar- Set on the edge of the lagoon pool, visit Bumbye for a fresh cocktail or locally sourced lunch!
  • Mokapu Market- Mokapu Market is open 24/7 so that you can grab whatever you need whenever you want it! It sells snacks, wines, flat breads, prepared foods, and gelato as well as other non-food items you might need!

The beach

Set on 15 acres of beachfront property, the Andaz boasts a gorgeous beach in Wailea.

There is direct access to Mokapu Beach, where you can go snorkeling, canoeing, and participate in other water activities!

There is also a boardwalk if you’re looking for a jogging path or a place for a nice stroll.

The pop up shops

One of my favorite things about the hotel is its incredible pop up shops!

Local artists and artisans come daily or weekly to sell their handcrafted jewelry or self-designed clothing.

In the photo on the left, I’m wearing some picks from JaxSea, and on the right I’m wearing a gorgeous swimsuit from the Makena Collection.

Juliana, the owner of the Makena Collection and co-owner of Cobalt & Tawny, comes to the Andaz Maui every Thursday- you simply must check out her stuff if you are staying on a Thursday!

I’m actually wearing one of her gorgeous Cobalt & Tawny dresses in the beach photo; you can’t tell from the distance but she designed it with a light sugar cane pattern to represent Hawaii’s original way of life.

The atmosphere

And that’s not all- the Andaz Maui is pet friendly, has an incredible spa, a Luau (Maui’s newest luxury luau!), and so much more!

The atmosphere is classy, relaxed, and filled with the spirit of aloha!

Come and see it for yourself! You can book it here!



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