10 Unexpected Ways to Get Bikini Ready for Your Travels

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This unconventional bikini body guide is for all my fellow ladies out there (and guys too!) who have had it with those extra pounds.

If you’ve got upcoming travel, a big event, bikini time coming up, or you just plain-ol want to slim down, this guide is for you!

If you’ve tried conventional methods to slimming down (counting calories, running every day, going on a juice diet), and have had it with results that don’t last, then this guide is especially for you!!

Commence the Bikini Body Guide!

First things first for this Bikini Body Guide: abs are made in the kitchen.

You’d have to work out an absurd amount to get your whole body toned- and even then, some fat just won’t go away with just exercise alone.

To get your body ready for bikini season, try these ten slightly more unconventional methods to trimming off extra fat.

Your body will thank you!

1. Intermittent fasting

Before you call me crazy, let me explain.

No, this is not a starvation method. Fasting is the controlled withholding of food.

On that note- you need to read this book, The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung, MD.

It changed my whole view of what makes us fat, and explains the science behind the common lies our society feeds us.

Anyhow, long story short (and way oversimplified), intermittent fasting can be done in different increments of time.

It can be as easy as combating the myth that you HAVE to eat breakfast to keep your metabolism up by instead skipping it (a 12-hour fast).

Or go the 24-hour fast route and skip breakfast and lunch one day.

I know this probably goes against everything you have been taught, but the science is there.

When you fast, you allow your insulin levels to stabilize, instead of constantly bringing your insulin levels up (which, over time, can lead to insulin resistance and fat gain).

Again, this is highly oversimplified and I’m not an expert on the topic. But Jason Fung is, and that’s why you should read his book.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to shed that belly fat.

The acetic acid in ACV can aid in burning fat, curbing your appetite, and reducing fat storage (source).

And here’s this cool fact from The Obesity Code: “Two teaspoons of vinegar taken with a high-carbohydrate meal lowers blood sugar and insulin by as much as 34%.”

Insulin and fat go hand in hand, so it makes sense that reducing your insulin is a great way to cut down on fat.

So try taking a tablespoon or two of ACV in a glass of water before your first meal or before bedtime (you’ll probably need a chaser- but opt for sparkling water… NOT a soda!).

3. A low carb diet

The low carb diet is your friend.

Not to sound like a broken record, but guess what carbs do? They spike your insulin.

So naturally, eating less carbs will help stabilize your insulin levels, and aid in getting rid of that fat.

Make up the calories in the form of healthy fats and proteins!

Along those lines is the ketogenic diet, which is where your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis (I call it “fat burning mode”).

With the keto diet, you eat very low carb and high [healthy] fat.

Don’t worry- even though you’re eating a greater ratio of healthy fats, you don’t get fat from eating fat.

You lose weight because your body uses its own fat for energy, so you can see how this can really help you get rid of extra pounds!

4. Cut out sugar completely

Sugar is your dream body’s enemy.

It is in practically everything these days, and causes insulin resistance that ultimately leads to obesity.

And that means cutting out all artificial sugars as well.

But don’t worry, you can still eat delicious desserts, like this low carb dessert recipe for a two minute mug cake!

5. Meditate/pray/sleep

Bikini body guide. Girl in bikini on towel with hat.

Meditation and prayer have amazing health benefits, from lower stress to clearer skin. And they are great on your waistline, too!

From The Obesity Code:

“Cortisol raises insulin levels and is a major pathway of weight gain… Reducing stress levels, practicing meditation and getting good sleep are all effective methods for achieving lower cortisol levels.”

Cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone, and as Dr. Fung explains here, it plays a part in weight gain.

So reducing stress is a piece of the puzzle.

Meditation, yoga, prayer, restful sleep, massages- these are all great tools for reducing cortisol.

6. Eat more fat

This goes hand-in-hand with a low carb diet.

Most diets seem to fail because you’re hungry, you want to eat more food, so when you give in, you give in a LOT.

The good thing about healthy fats is they fill you up like none other.

Think about it this way: you’re snacking on chips and on walnuts. With the chips or another high-carb food, I bet you could easily go for a few more handfuls. But with the walnuts, after eating a handful, the thought of eating a few more would kind of make you feel sick.

Healthy fats include: high fat nuts (walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc.), grass-fed butter, coconut (milk, oil, etc.), avocados, nut butters, cheese from grass-fed cows, etc.

7. Less cardio

Less cardio, more weights. Rumor has it that muscle burns fat, and the way to get muscle is to pick up those weights. And research supports this rumor!

Don’t worry about getting bulky! For women, we don’t have enough testosterone in our systems to get bulked up without additional supplements!

Of course, you don’t have to cut out cardio. It has amazing benefits as well. But since long-distance cardio can be strenuous on your joints, try doing sprints, or activities like walking or swimming.

8. Get a hobby you love

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll work at it tirelessly and be in a “flow state”.

What is a flow state? It is a feeling of extreme concentration where everything else (time, hunger, sounds, distractions, etc.) fade away. Read more about it here.

For me, my flow state happens when I am creating a piece of art.

Whether it’s painting on a canvas or decorating my home, I get so immersed in what I’m doing that when I’m done, hours have flown by.

Afterwards, I’ll realize that I’m hungry, but the whole time I haven’t even thought of food.

9. Explore a new place

More specifically, exploring a new place without splurging on restaurant food!

You don’t even have to leave your home city- there’s bound to be a new place to explore right where you are.

Have you hit up every garden, park, museum, zoo, festival, and shopping center in your town? Probably not.

So go on an adventure!

Exploring a new place captivates so many of your senses- seeing new things, feeling new emotions, new scents, etc.

You’ll be too busy doing things to sit at home looking for your next snack.

And if you are making the drive out of town, pack healthy snacks beforehand. Those gas station stops are not your friend!

What snacks should you pack?

Try kale chips, seaweed snacks (we are obsessed with Chomperz), vegetables, fruit, salads, Epic pork rinds, nuts, and beef jerky (we love these Epic beef bars).

10. Drink more tea

We’ve all heard by now that we should drink more water. But while you’re at it, drink tea as well!

How come?

If you drink peppermint tea, it has a satiating effect (source).

Drinking tea before a meal will fill your stomach and that can help you realize when you’re actually full from the food you’re eating.

Plenty of teas have antioxidants and these are great for you:

“Green Tea contains large concentrations of a group of powerful antioxidants called catechins… Catechins may play a role in inhibiting carbohydrate-digestive enzymes, resulting in lower glucose levels” (from The Obesity Code),

and…”Many health benefits have been ascribed to green-tea consumption, including increased fat oxidation during exercise, increased resting energy expenditure, lower risk of various types of cancer” (also from The Obesity Code).

You can do it!

So there you have it.

If you haven’t tried any of these methods in the past, give one (or all if you’re really ambitious!!) a shot!

Do you have some unconventional & healthy tips to trimming your waistline? Comment them below!



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Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.

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