The Ultimate Guide to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas

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If you’re in Dallas, you won’t want to miss this local favorite: the Bishop Arts District.

Known for its local shops, walkable location, and trendy style, this neighborhood is worth checking out.

There are two main shopping areas in this neighborhood- the shops on Bishop Avenue, and those on Davis Street.

The shops on Bishop Ave

This area is the part of town most often referred to as the Bishop Arts District.

With a bunch of shops in a cluster right next to each other, there are plenty of shops on Bishop Avenue.

There are all kinds of goods sold at these shops, from furniture and clothing to restaurants and trinkets.

What makes all of these stores so special is their focus on local artisans. If you’re a supporter of the #shopsmall movement, you’ve got to go to the Bishop Arts District!

The shops on Davis Street

The Davis street strip is smaller and more spread out, but it has some great finds. DLM Supply Co and Joy Macarons are my favorite, and Davis Street Espresso has great coffee.

Handcrafted, naturally gluten free macarons? Yes, please!

We also love the food at Bolsa. With fresh, local ingredients, how could we not? (Psst… the steak and egg hash is to die for- it’s absolutely delicious!)

10 Things You’ll Find at the Bishop Arts District

In a nutshell, the Bishop Art’s District is a must if you like to support local businesses, eat healthy foods, and enjoy pleasing aesthetics.

I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that make it great:

1. Ambiance

My favorite thing is the ambiance, from the retro decor to the live music and patio hangs.

2. The #shopsmall movement

Second best is the many local stores here- my favorites are DLM Supply Co (on Davis Street), Dwell on Davis, and Dirt.

I’m a sucker for good deals, and while local and American made goods make you splurge a little more, you know its for a good cause- its great for our economy when we #shopsmall.

3. Aesthetics

Third would be how cute the shops are to look at.

With bright colored doors, a definite hipster vibe, and lights strung across the street, you feel like you are in a small town.

4. Great food choices

Oddfellows is a very popular brunch place with some decent gluten free options.

If you’re in the mood for some Mayan/Aztec cuisine, Veracruz Cafe has you covered- their fajitas are amazing!

For local must-haves, Emporium Pies and the Dallas Grilled Cheese Co are two famous spots with high praise.

5. Outdoor patios

It seems like every restaurant has an outdoor option.

For example, Oddfellows has a great open concept where you can walk right up to the bar from the street, and Davis Street Espresso has a fun outdoor area to sip on your coffee.

6. Great coffee shops

Every hipster neighborhood needs a good coffee shop- or two.

Good Companions

This coffee shop is right in the heart of the Bishop Arts District- you can grab a sandwich or a pastry here alongside your coffee (or matcha!).

The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives has great coffee and a mini bookstore, so you can read while you sip!

This coffee shop is unique in that it’s a bar-coffee shop-bookstore all in one. You actually order coffee or alcohol from the bar! And then enjoy your drink of choice among hundreds of great books.

7. Variety

Want a new hat? There’s a shop for that. Want some new soap? There’s one for that too. Rustic home decor? Bishop Ranch has what you need.

Whether you’re looking for clothes, food, home goods, art, vinyls, or accessories, you’re bound to find what you need here.

8. Murals and pretty walls

Probably one of the first things you’ll notice when pulling up to Bishop Avenue is a mural wall or two.

The murals always seem to be changing based on the construction. A temporary wall full of murals (pictured on the right) is in place while construction is underway.

Covered with nature art and whimsical paintings, it just begs for photos!

Once construction ends, we’ll miss it, but there are always other murals in the area.

Many shops have the sides of their buildings painted in a mural, so be sure to keep an eye on the alley ways!

9. Live music in a New Orleans style bar

There always seems to be someone playing live music on the corner, and it automatically puts you in a good mood.

Recently a New Orleans-style bar has opened up- and it is a hit!

10. Perfect gift ideas

Between all of the shops on Bishop Ave and Davis Street, you’re bound to find exactly what you need for a birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift.

We love coming to the Bishop Arts District for our Christmas shopping because we are more inclined to splurge on a unique gift for a friend or family member than we are on ourselves!

And while you’re in the area…

Here are some other nearby attractions

Check it all out for yourself!


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