If you’re in Dallas, one place you can’t miss out on is the Dallas Farmer’s Market. The DFM has an incredible view of downtown Dallas, and an even more incredible selection of local goods.

As you explore The Shed and The Market, you’ll find a mix of local produce, handmade jewelry, clever t-shirts, delicious local restaurants, and so much more.

What to do

If you’ve never been to the DFM, you’ll want to go on the weekend, when both The Shed and The Market are open.

When you get to the DFM, you might get overwhelmed by the apparent lack of parking. But don’t worry, they just opened a new parking garage behind The Shed- and parking is free!

After you park, walk around, browse, shop, sample foods, and enjoy a meal. There’s so much to see and enjoy at the DFM.

And while you’re here, check out Rubials right next door- they’ve got a great variety of flowers and plants.

What to expect

The Dallas Farmers Market is comprised of The Market, The Shed, and outdoor areas. Keep reading for details on each section.

The Shed:

  • The Shed is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Local vendors flock to The Shed, bringing in their fresh produce and latest handmade products.
  • Underneath a permanently tented area, these vendors line up in rows for you to shop and sample their products.
  • Expect a small town vibe and people in great moods. It always seems like the vendors are super cheerful and want to get to know you!
  • There’s a huge variety of products sold here. Besides the fresh produce, there’s organic pet food, succulent terrariums, handwoven baskets, fresh fish and chips, and so, so much more.
  • My all time favorite vendor is Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery. If you’re gluten free like me, you have to try her cinnamon buns and donuts! They taste just like the regular alternative!

The Market:

  • The Market is the indoor portion of the Farmer’s Market, open seven days a week. This building hosts all sorts of restaurants and shops.
  • The restaurants: Cajun, Afgani, and Vietnamese are 3 of many types of foods you’ll find.
  • The shops: Dallas Antique Co features local, rustic home decor and trinkets. Bullzerk offers super creative Dallas and Texas themed apparel. Lone Chimney Mercantile has unique artwork and decor. In the market for a gift? You’re bound to find something special here.

What to bring

Bring your friends, significant other, family, etc. Everyone is welcome at the DFM, and it’s a fun place to eat and walk around. There are so many fun things to look at, and with such a variety of goods, everyone is bound to enjoy this kind of shopping.

You might want to bring a bit of cash, just to make buying things from The Shed a bit easier, but everyone takes credit cards these days! I have yet to find a cash-only vendor here.

Part of the DFM is outdoors (vendors, patio seating, etc.), so bring sunglasses and sunscreen or a hat to protect your skin!

Getting around

If you’re in the mood for a bike ride, it’s definitely a bike friendly place! Whether you bring your own or use a bike ride-share option, feel free to go for a spin while you’re here!

Also, parking used to be a nightmare, but recently they’ve opened a brand new, huge parking garage. Which is great for people like me who hate to drive and get slight parking anxiety (who’s with me??).

What’s your favorite thing about the Dallas Farmer’s Market?


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