51 Instagrammable Spots in Austin, TX

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If you’re at all familiar with the vibrant Texas capital, you won’t be surprised by how many Instagrammable places in Austin there are! 

I’ve put together a list of Instagrammable spots in Austin that I compiled from other blogger friends, Pinterest lists, Google searches, and more.

Even after removing some that I didn’t think were quite Insta-worthy, I still ended up with a list of a whopping 51 spots of the most Instagrammable places in Austin. 

Harrison and I always have a lot of fun exploring the city, and we love how it’s just a short car ride away from our home in Dallas! 

We actually made a road trip video show-casing some of the beautiful and Insta-worthy locations in and around Austin, central Texas, and the Texas hill country.

You can check it out below.

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As we’ve explored Austin, we have added to this list. How could we not? This town is full of Instagrammable spots!

In fact, there are so many Instagrammable places in Austin that we’ve gone back a few times now!

Without further ado, here is my list of 51 Instagrammable spots in Austin!

Map of Locations

Here’s a full map of locations, color coded based on category.

You can expand the map to plan your own route to visit these Instagrammable spots in Austin!

Map provided by Wanderlog, a travel planner


1. 360 Bridge- My Favorite Instagram Spot in Austin

The 360 Bridge is definitely one of the most Instagrammable spots in Austin.

When you’re there, you’re going to want to capture as many angles as possible. This place is too gorgeous not to!

There’s the beautiful architecture of the bridge, and the gorgeous winding river.

Just keep in mind that you have to climb up a rocky path to get to the overlook.

There is limited parking, but somehow the three times we’ve visited there has been parking available.

Here are two more photos we got at the bridge a few years ago… I wasn’t kidding when I said it was my favorite Instagram spot in Austin!

So hopefully you can see how this definitely qualifies as one of the most Instagrammable places in Austin!

2. Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

Manuel Garza via Flickr

This is the perfect spot to get a photo of the Austin skyline. 

As an added bonus, you get to capture the skyline with a beautiful body of water. 

You may see stand up paddle boarders or kayakers on the water, or you may be able to capture that rare moment when the water is still and reflecting the Austin skyline. 

Either way, this is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Austin.

3. Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

Jim Nix via Flickr

This bridge runs over Lady Bird Lake as well! 

It can be part of the backdrop of yet another shot of the Austin skyline against the shimmering water of Lady Bird. 

In other words, it’s a totally Insta-worthy spot in Austin! 😉

4. Congress Avenue Bat Bridge

Earl McGeehee via Flickr

When you first hear its name, the Congress Avenue bat bridge probably doesn’t sound like a very Instagrammable place in Austin. 

But again, this bridge is one of those weird (but cool) Austin places that Austinites tell outsiders to check out. 

Once the sun sets, you can see hundreds (thousands??) of bats flying across a colorful sky- not only is it Instagrammable, but it’s a unique moment you’ll never forget!

5. Lamar Bridge

Joey Parsons via Flickr

This is an old bridge that was originally built in the 40s. 

If you’re wondering why the view looks oddly similar to Pfluger bridge, it’s because it’s only 200 feet away! 

Apparently the Lamar bridge doesn’t have dedicated bike lanes and isn’t as safe as it could be for pedestrians but it couldn’t be remodeled to accommodate pedestrians better because of its historic status. 

So the Pfluger bridge was built specifically for pedestrians and cyclists! 

Although these bridges blend in from afar, I wanted to include both so you had the inside scoop!

Restaurants & Cafes

6. The Factory at Wild Chix & Waffles

** This spot is closed as they make changes; check here for updates **

This coffee shop knows how to do matcha.

Is this the prettiest matcha latte you’ve ever seen? Because it’s the prettiest matcha latte I’ve ever seen.

Cozy up at their pillow nook and enjoy your drink.

And while you’re at the Factory, don’t forget to have some fun and snap some pics on their fun hanging swings!

They also have a cute mural on the wall of a girl drinking coffee if you want a more goofy snap!

7. Josephine House

How beautiful is this cafe?

Wander inside for some more fun Austin Instagram spots!

8. Le Politique

Le Politique is definitely on the most instagrammable places in my list of Austin Instagram spots because of it’s adorable decor!

Inside you’ll find a gorgeous marble bar with a retro feel.

Just be warned- if you’re going on a weekend, it’s going to be crowded.

9. Mattie’s 

Nick Simonite via Mattie's

Are you interested in getting amazing food in a totally Instagram-worthy beautifully-restored 19th century home? 

If so, you must check out Mattie’s! 

I hear the food is wonderful and the photo opportunities are stellar! 

10. The Oasis on Lake Travis

This is one of those restaurants that’s so popular you see people sporting its swag (t-shirts, ball caps, etc.) all over Texas!

Plus, it’s got amazing lake front property with to-die-for views perfect for the ‘gram! 

There is actually an annual competition for who can capture the most beautiful shot of this place at sunset!

You’ve got to check it out when you’re in Austin! 

11. Light-bulb bubble tea at Mango8

This place has the cutest containers for your drink! 

I know.

I wouldn’t have thought light bulbs would be the cutest bubble tea cups, but they are!

Definitely check out this Instagram spot in Austin if you love bubble tea and want to get a great shot with their super cute light bulb cups! 

12. Ramen Tatsu-ya

This isn’t a post for restaurants in Austin. 

But I have a handful of eateries on this list because there are so many places in Austin that have Instagrammable photo spots and feature yummy food! 

I’ve read great things about this place’s food and I think the Insta photos speak for themselves. 

If you like ramen, this is a must-see Instagrammable spot in Austin! 

13. Franklin Barbecue

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest BBQ fan. 

I know – heresy! 

But I have to include Franklin BBQ on my list of Instagrammables spots in Austin because of how much people absolutely rave about this place. 

If you decide to go, expect a line out the door and a wait time of 3+ hours. 

It’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve heard the food is worth the wait! 

14. Ah Sing Den

This restaurant has a cute interior and apparently amazing food! 

I can’t wait to get a photo here the next time I’m in Austin! 

15. Junes All Day

Dallasites love their brunch which is why I know I’m going to love Junes All Day. 

This restaurant apparently has delicious food and a cute atmosphere making for great Instagram photos! 

I can’t wait to visit it! 

16. Home Slice Pizza

If you’re like me and absolutely love New York street pizza, this Instagram spot in Austin is for you! 

There are two different locations in Austin, I’ve marked the South Congress location on the map, since it seems to be the more iconic one.

It has a fun retro vibe that’ll brighten up your Instagram feed. 

17. Elizabeth Street Cafe

Jodie Barts via Flickr

If you read my post about Instagrammable places in Paris, you know I can’t resist a cute cafe. 

Elizabeth street is definitely a cute cafe where you can totally capture something fun for Instagram! 

18. Cafe No Se

If you’ve looked at other bloggers lists of Instagrammable places in Austin, you’ve probably noticed this place made a lot of those lists. 

The reason why is because it apparently has great food and excellent photo opportunities. 

If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy spot in Austin check out Cafe No Se! 


19. Austin Motel

The Austin Motel has made a name for itself because of its sign. 

And I’m just going to leave it at that…

20. Trace & the W Austin

I love the vibes of this hotel & restaurant which is why it made it on my list of Instagrammable spots in Austin.

When you go in the