Eleven Tips for How to Travel With a Full Time Job

How do you quench your thirst for travel when you’ve got limited vacation days and a corporate job? Glad you asked, because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do at this point in my life. My wanderlust is huge and I like to try to satisfy it.

Here are eleven ways to travel with a full time job. I’ve used each of these tips to add travel to my life. (Considering I have a travel blog while also working full time, these tips really appear to work!)

Credit card rewards

Use travel credit cards because they really pay off! Harrison and I flew round trip to Paris last February for $150… total. Our Chase Sapphire points purchased a majority of the flights, leaving us with a measly $150 to pay.

girl view from sacre coeur


Search for the lowest hotel rates in your destination so that you can save money for future travel. Sites like booking.com allow you to sort by price while filtering for things you absolutely must have.

dallas view from bed
Tip >> I always filter mine to only show properties with a rating of 8 or 9+, to show only available properties, and in the lowest price tier. That way I’m searching for the best reviews that are out there in my price range.

Book in advance

Have a big trip you’re going on? Let your boss know in advance, especially if it’s over a holiday. That way, when everyone else realizes that Memorial Day is next month and scrambles to ask for an extra day off, your vacation isn’t threatened. You’ve had your tickets booked for a long time and there’s nothing they can do about it!

Ask for more vacay

The next time you’re up for a raise, try this out-of-the-box move: ask for more vacation days instead of more money.

Crazy? Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! (Though I do need to listen to my own advice- this is the one thing I haven’t yet done!)

So really ask yourself- what matters more to you? Money or travel?

Air BNBs

A lot of times AirBNBing is cheaper than hotel rentals. We rented an AirBNB in Paris and loved it for its charm and true Parisian feel (read about it here!). You then get to see a place more like the locals do!

paris air bnb view

Get good flights

This could be a blog post all in itself, but if you want to travel a lot, it helps to find low fares.

Some ways you can do this:

  • Visit places in the off season and you’ll find flights are cheaper
  • Subscribe to a low-fare finder site to be notified of good deals
  • Use Skyscanner or Kayak to see what the lowest rates out there are
  • Sign up for a low fare email subscription service

Do one or two big trips a year

If you want to travel internationally, book longer vacations semi-annually. You’ll have plenty of time to look forward to your vacations, and knowing that they’re approaching calms the travel bug in you. More frequent travel doesn’t help us in America much, because international tickets can get pretty pricey. Instead, booking longer trips makes the cost worth it.

girl with luggage at crescent hotel

Plan days wisely

Use those holidays to your advantage! Especially days like the 4th of July, Memorial, or Labor day. That way you don’t need to use as many of your precious vacation days!

At the end of August, Harrison and I are going on an 11 day trip to Iceland, but are only using five vacation days because it’s the week before Labor day.

Do small weekend trips

If you aren’t able to take too many vacation days off at a time, use the weekend to your advantage! You can do small weekend trips by leaving Friday night and returning Sunday night. Sites like Skyscanner and Kayak (mentioned earlier) are great for these situations! You can see what the cheapest destination is that weekend and go on a mini vacation! And of course, feel free to do a road trip to save on airfare.

Trust me, there are beautiful things to see nearby!

girl twirling in vineyard

Explore locally

Exploring locally is a fail safe. As long as you have a free day on the weekend, you should be able to quench your wanderlust by being a tourist in your own city.

Even if you’re in a small town, there are guaranteed things to do and/or beautiful places to visit. You just need to look for them!

lakeside park gorgeous view
My favorite ways to find things to do locally are to google it (it’s that easy) or follow social media accounts that tell you what to do! If you’re in Dallas, my favorite tools are Guidelive and VisitDFW.

Incorporate your sick time *cough cough*

And when all else fails and you simply don’t have enough vacation time, see if your supervisor is fine with you using a sick day or two. Of course, not all employers let you do this, so tread carefully.

These are just a few tips, but hopefully they help! So go out and do it! Travel with a full time job! It’s possible!



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Tips for how to travel the world with a full time job. For anyone who is stuck in a corporate job, try these 11 genius tricks to make the most of your vacation time so you can see the world! I've done it and so can you- easily maximize travel while working through smart planning and these life hacks. #travel #traveltips #travelhacks #traveltheworld #lifehacks


  1. August 8, 2018 / 9:18 am

    Cool! I heard that it is most convenient to rent a car for travel in the States. I plan to rent an SUV that would go to the mountains. tell me what other interesting places are in Dallas or Colorado

  2. August 8, 2018 / 9:19 am

    Cool! I heard that it is most convenient to rent a car for travel in the States. I plan to rent an SUV that would go to the mountains. tell me what other interesting places are in Dallas or Colorado///

    • August 14, 2018 / 3:26 pm

      Hey Kris! Renting a car and exploring sounds like fun! It definitely would help in both places! There are so many things to do- I have posts on each of these things if you want to look them up!! You can find Colorado things to do under my “World Travel” category, and 101 Things to Do in Dallas under my “Texas Travel” category! Happy travels!! 🙂

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