7 Reasons Why You Should Stay at an AirBNB in Paris

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For the best balcony views at a price that won’t break the bank, consider staying at an AirBNB on your next trip to Paris.

Sure, it can be nice to get all glammed up at the nicest hotels in Paris, but in the end, there are seven reasons why you should opt for an AirBNB.

Keep reading, I think you’ll realize just how much it can enhance your Paris experience.

1. Live like a Parisian

First things first, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do. Staying at an AirBNB gives you a unique view of the city, away from the big tourist scene.

2. Save money

This might be a no-brainer, but the short term rentals you find on AirBNB are a much more budget-conscious way to stay in Paris.

That means more money for eating out, more money for entrance fees to the Lourve and the Sacre-Coeur, and more money for the mouthwatering pastries you will inevitably eat.

3. Have the best balcony views

As someone who is constantly taking photos and looking for the perfect photo locations, a balcony was a must for me.

To get a hotel with a good balcony view, you get a hiked up price with it. Not the case when you rent a place! On AirBNB you can see photos and reviews of places with balcony views– so you know exactly what you’re getting.

4. Enjoy a bigger living space

When you’re renting someone’s entire home, you get all of the space that comes with it. That includes kitchen, living room, and dining room. Here are some shots of our AirBNB- you can see how gorgeous it was!

5. Get comfy

With all of that extra space, you can really feel at home at your AirBNB.

Our first night in Paris we were extremely jet-lagged, and brought take out from the Korean restaurant downstairs. It was so nice to just enjoy eating in our PJ’s in the comfort of our own little dining room. We had fully stocked dishes and utensils at our disposal.

6. Get personal

In two different ways. The first is that you are usually in communication with your AirBNB host. Almost all hosts that I’ve worked with have included some information about things to do in the area, places they recommend, etc. They’re generally very kind and accommodating.

The second way you can get personal is if you’re traveling with friends or another couple. If you’re traveling in a group like this, staying in the same AirBNB not only makes it insanely cheap compared to a hotel, but allows for plenty of hang out space.

Our AirBNB had two bedrooms- my husband and I shared one, and my parents shared the other. It was so fun to get to live all in the same place for a week (especially after not living in the same state for over 7 years!).

7. Experience a true Parisian neighborhood

A lot of Paris AirBNB’s are where people genuinely live when they are in town. That was the case for ours- and as such, it was set in a gorgeous Parisian neighborhood.

It offered an authentic experience. We got into routines- we’d walk to our favorite bakery each morning for croissants, we knew where to go for our metro stop, and we even had our favorite Korean restaurant right downstairs.

The people in the area lived in Paris, they weren’t tourists. The restaurants around us had truly amazing food and weren’t tourist traps.

It made our Paris experience more authentic and beautiful.

(And in case you are wondering, ours was in the 8th arrondissement right near the Liege metro stop.)

I hope these factors help you have a wonderful stay in Paris!



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  1. Great advice!! I’m hoping to find an Airbnb in the 7th arrondissement for a trip this fall. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jill! I’m glad you enjoyed my article! I’d just recommend anywhere close to a metro stop. Once you find a place that looks good, you can look at it on Google Maps to see what the area looks like. I found my AirBNB by checking reviews and making sure it was near a metro stop. I hope that helps! Have so much fun!!

  2. I like the idea of staying at an AirBNB but one thing that really holds me back is worrying about having to get food for breakfast, or other meals, when most hotels offer a breakfast for purchase. What do you recommend or do you have any suggestions?

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