10 Tips for What to Wear When Visiting Paris in the Winter

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Paris winter fashion can be a tough nut to crack. It’s one thing when it’s nice out but throw cold weather into the mix and packing for Paris is ten times harder.

I visited Paris in February and let me tell you… it was FREEZING.

Most Parisians get around without the many layers that tourists require. Yes, they are used to that weather. But they are also not spending a large portion of their day outside like tourists do!

Don’t let the cold ruin your vacation or your style. Follow these Paris winter fashion tips and brave the outdoors!

Here are 10 tips on how to ace Paris winter fashion when it’s freezing cold outside.

10 tips on what to wear in Paris in the winter

  1. A hat or earmuffs– keeping your ears warm is KEY. Go stylish with a cute beret or baker boy hat.
  2. Thermal underwear– wearing some fleece lined thermals underneath your clothes keeps your body so warm. I got mine (which contained a shirt and leggings) from amazon for under $20.
  3. Layers, layers, layers– layer it up because you never know how warm it can be in the sunshine!
  4. Tights with a skirt– if you want to wear a dress or skirt, tights make a HUGE difference. Even though they are sheer, they do miracles against cold winds.
  5. Knee high boots– this is an easy style tip for keeping your legs warm with some tall boots.
  6. A thick jacket– I don’t mean to state the obvious, but get a good warm winter jacket.
  7. Gloves– invest in a good pair. If they are texting gloves, it’s a bonus! You won’t need to take them off to use your phone!
  8. Bring an umbrella– you never know when it’s going to rain!
  9. Sunglasses– that winter sun can shine through, and when it does, you’ll want some stylish eye protection.
  10. Double socks– or thick socks, because cold toes are not pleasant.

Here’s a helpful grid that you can shop to find some of my favorite cold weather outfit items!

Tip: if you’re wearing a maxi skirt you can easily wear your thermal leggings on underneath!

My Paris winter fashion

Here are some of my outfits from my week in Paris. I hope they give you some inspiration!

Day 1

Weather: 42°F high /31°F low, or 5°C high /-1°C low. 

Overcast, slightly rainy, freezing cold, overall unpleasant.

What I wore:

Day 2

Weather: 45°F /38°, 7°C /3°. 

Overcast, freezing cold.

What I wore:

Day 3

Weather: 40°F /32°, 5°C /0°. 

Partly cloudy, still freezing. But we did see the sun!

What I wore:

Day 4

Weather: 41°F /29°, 5°C /-2°. 

Sunny! Freezing in the shade, decent in the sunshine.

What I wore:

Day 5

Weather: 38°F /28°, 4°C /-3°. 

Sunny but absolutely freezing. The coldest day in Paris yet!

What I wore:

Day 6

Weather: 43°F /28°, 6°C /-2°.

Clear skies, warm in the sun.

What I wore:

I hope these tips help you out when figuring out what to wear! And if you need ideas on what to do, head over to my One Week Paris Itinerary post!



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what to wear in paris in the winter

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  1. Hi Jasmine!!
    I love your blog and the things you wrote about Paris!!

    I would like to ask you if you took the photos with any professional camera or any specific mobile phone, they are simply amazing!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ines, thank you so much!!! These photos were taken with my old Nikon D3400 and with the Google Pixel phone (back when I had the first version of it). Now all my photos (the ones you see on recent blog posts and on my Instagram) are taken on a Nikon D750! I still use my Google Pixel (I have the Pixel 4 now), but my photos are taken on my DSLR!

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