A Breathtaking Vineyard in Tyler, TX

This weekend Harrison and I took an impromptu vacation to Tyler, TX, a quaint town two hours east of Dallas.

Prior to moving to Texas three years ago, we never been to a vineyard. But fun fact about Texas: there are quite a few vineyards here! And they are all uniquely gorgeous. Now if there’s one around, I make it a point to visit.

So, of course, we made sure that our romantic weekend included one!

We wound up at Kiepersol Winery and Vineyards and its beauty blew us away.

With their flawless grapes, rows of vines, and gorgeous winery, it’s a must if you’re visiting Tyler.

The layout

girl twirling in vineyard

The Winery sits at the top of a hill overlooking sixty-three acres of rolling vineyards with rows and rows of grape vines.

From the parking lot, you’ll hike up some stairs that lead to the Winery & Distillery. (Kiepersol also has a restaurant and B&B, which are found in a separate location.)

You can sip on wine sitting out on the veranda, or cool off indoors.

The experiences

There are a variety of things you can do at the Winery.

They offer weekday tours of the vineyards, Saturday distillery tours of the wine-making process, and self-guided walks through the vineyards.

There are wine tastings, leisurely strolls around the grapevines, and the option to just sit on the veranda enjoying a nice glass of wine.

We grabbed a glass of rosé and cooled off indoors- a welcome change from that hot Texas sun.

While you’re enjoying your wine you still have great views overlooking the vineyards.

What we did:

Harrison and I are definitely the types to just wander through nature, so we did a self guided walk through the vineyards.

It’s incredible how many vines Kiepersol grows- rows and rows of different grapes.

Grapes on the vine at a vineyard

It was romantic and fun. We didn’t need a map as you can see the Winery from the clearing at the end of each row.

Follow me to the vineyards

Next, we did a mini wine tasting (aka we asked what their driest wines were, and they poured us some samples). We selected the Kiepersol Edelvit and the Kiepersol Rosé of Malbec, which we enjoyed outside on the patio.

They offer a variety of types of wine tastings and are proud of their products- rightfully so! The wine selections are perfect and there is something for everyone’s tastes.

What to wear

Definitely remember that you’re in Texas when deciding on what to wear. That sun will get to you! Wear something light that sweat doesn’t easily show through.

Feel free to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera


The trick is getting there. If you’re planning to make the trip to Kiepersol, you’ll enter into Kiepersol Estates, a gated community, and you’ll need to keep on driving.

Keep driving through the residential neighborhood. You might think you’re surely in the wrong place, but you’re not. Eventually, you’ll see a fork in the road with signs for Kiepersol.

Once you get there, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Head on in… you’re in for a treat!





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