Last weekend, Harrison and I discovered what has to be the best vineyard near Dallas. San Martino Winery is in Rockwall, TX (a whopping 20 minutes away from Dallas), and has three essentials to being a good winery. First, it has a tasting room. Second, a vineyard. And third, plenty of air conditioned seating space with a gorgeous backdrop. These might be only my classifications for what makes a winery good, but let’s break it down.

A tasting room

This is a no-brainer. You’ve got to be able to taste wines for a winery to be good. While Harrison and I don’t have our wine-tasting skills up to par, others who do will appreciate a good wine tasting. We just share a glass of the driest rose offered and call it a day. But boy, did we appreciate that one glass at San Martino. A chilled rose on a hot, hot day was perfect.

A vineyard

This is hard to find near Dallas. So, in all actuality, San Martino’s on-site vineyard might very well be the closest one, not just the best one. Their grapes are actually harvested in Lubbock, but they do keep two vineyards on site. There’s something about vineyards that transport you to a dream land.

Great ambiance

I divide great ambiance into two categories: the space, and the people. San Martino offered the highest quality of both.

The space: you have the air conditioned tasting room and three outdoor patio options. The winery itself is gorgeous, and attached to the San Martino home, pictured below.

The people: the owner was super friendly, and the winery has been in her family since it began. And the other people tasting as the same time as us were so outgoing, wanting to get to know us and share their favorite wine-tasting tips.

Overall, it was an incredible experience, and a photo-worthy one at that šŸ˜‰ We will be back!

Check out those grapes!

Cheers to great wine and great company!


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