Blueberry Picking at Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX

Any type of pick-your-own produce sounds so enticing to me. Getting to choose exactly what you want, spending time outdoors, being in the countryside- that all is amazing in my book!

If you’re near Dallas, the best blueberry picking is happening RIGHT NOW (July) at Blueberry Hill Farms. It’s in Edom, TX, about an hour and a half away from Dallas.

Blueberry Hill Farms advertises its picking season and best picking times on it’s website here. We went on the day when picking became a 10 (the best day for picking), and absolutely loved it.

Quick- pack your bags and get out there! Brave the heat- the blueberries are worth it!

Here’s what you can expect at Blueberry Hill Farms.

A large selection

Girl picking blueberries

They’ve got rows and rows of blueberries. You can check their website here for periodic updates on their “picking scale” so that you go when it’s prime time!

Plenty of picking

You can pick all you want! We saw people with multiple baskets filled to the top! These were just for Harrison and me to eat, so we didn’t get quite as much.

A picturesque setting

Between their blueberry plants, the quintessential red barn, and flowers in bloom, Blueberry Hill Farms has it all.

The yummiest blueberry sweets

girl with blueberry donut

Donuts, fro yo, scones, muffins, pies, the list goes on and on. We tried all of them except for the pie (we were too full of all of the other delicious treats) and they were absolutely delicious. I’m especially fond of the donuts. I mean seriously… how can anyone not like blueberry donuts??

A shop with all the goods

blueberry hills farm country store

Stop inside for jams, the aforementioned sweets, and other local products! How cute is this little country store?

What to wear

  • Thin layers– keep in mind that picking season happens when it’s quite hot outside. We were lucky to get some cloud coverage on the morning we went, but even so, it was hot! Most people were in shorts and a big t-shirt
  • Sunscreen– protect your skin!
  • Closed-toed shoes– there are ant piles, sticks, and other things you could step on that wouldn’t be very pleasant
  • Hat and sunglasses– for extra protection from UV rays

What to bring (and what not to bring)

  • A cooler– if you want to keep your berries cold on the ride home
  • Credit/debit/cash– it’s not cash only, so feel free to bring your card
  • Friends/family/kids– all are welcome!
  • NO pets– don’t bring your furry friends, they’re not allowed!
  • No need for baskets– they provide them there

When to go

During the year: late May through July 31st, but it depends on what you want to pick. They have blackberries earlier in the season and blueberries at the end. We visited on July 8th and blueberries were in peak season!

During the week: as expected, weekends are much busier than weekdays. But even so, weekends are still a great time to visit! We visited on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too crowded!

During the day: they are open from 7am-5pm everyday. Early morning is a great time to go if you want to avoid the crowds and get out before the temperatures soar.

Other things to know

  • There is free parking
  • There are benches and tables under covered patios
  • The Edom, TX location is one of three Blueberry Hill Farms, and it’s the only one that offers pick-your-own berries
  • They recommend stopping at a rest stop for bathrooms before coming. Though there are bathrooms on site, the lines can get long if it’s a particularly crowded day

Other things in the area

While you’re in Edom, check out their cute downtown area! They’ve got a little farmers market stand, some cafes, and plenty of art shops and galleries!

We got some fresh peaches at the farmers market that are supplied by Winona Orchards nearby.

Make a day of it and head into Tyler! You can check out my top 12 favorite things to do in Tyler here!

Happy picking!




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