A 3 Day Weekend Itinerary in Cancun, Mexico

Looking for a quick break from reality?

Cancun is a dream place for a three day weekend getaway.

If you’re from Dallas, like me, or another southern state, a trip to Cancun is a breeze! 

The flights are easy and the Caribbean is beckoning you, isn’t it? Those warm sand beaches and palm trees all around. I can taste it, can you?

Check out this Cancun itinerary to make your short term trip perfect!

Three days isn’t a whole lot, but it’s enough to explore and have an adventure.

This itinerary is based on a stay at an all-inclusive resort in the Zona Hotelera in Cancun, so will involve a lot of down time at the beach and meals at the resort.

Without further ado, here is your Cancun itinerary!

Day 1- Exploring Cenotes

ziplining in cenote

You’ve arrived in Cancun!

Start off your first day with adventure! You can book a cenote tour through your hotel or online beforehand.

Cenotes are gems that you’ll find in the Yucatan Peninsula where you can swim in a natural pool, often times in a cave-like setting!


8am– breakfast

9am– pool time

11am– get picked up by tour

12am-5pm– cenote tour (here’s an example of what we did)

6pm– back at resort

7pm– dinner

8:30pm– hot tubbing

Day 2- Dolphins on Isla Mujeres

For Day 2 in Cancun, you’re actually going to spend a lot of time on the island of Isla Mujeres!

Just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Isla Mujeres is a wonderful island to explore and swim with dolphins!


7:30am– breakfast

8:15am– get picked up by tour (alternatively, take the R-2 bus to the Isla Mujeres port in Cancun)

9am– board ferry to Isla Mujeres

10am– reach Isla Mujeres, make sure you know when your dolphin lesson is

**depending on what time your dolphin lesson is… take a taxi or rent a golf cart to drive around the island. Assuming your dolphin lesson is at 1:30pm, here is a potential breakdown of the day:

10:30am– hop in taxi (read more about things to do on Isla Mujeres here)

10:40-11:15am– tour the sea turtle discovery center, feed sea turtles

11:20-12– explore the ruins at the top of the island

12pm– return to Dolphin Discovery center

12:30pm– eat a light lunch (all-inclusive) at Dolphin Discovery

1:20pm– meet your group at your designated area

1:30-2:15– swim with your dolphin! (Read more about what to expect here!)

2:30– post dolphin snack

3:30– head back to Cancun

4:15pm– reach Cancun, take public bus or tour bus back to hotel

5-6:30pm– relax by beach

7:30pm– dinner

Day 3- Mercado 28 & Beach Time

It’s your last day, and since you’ve come for a vacation, today you’re going to RELAX.

And shop for souvenirs.

But, mostly, relax.


8am– breakfast at resort

10am– get on the R-2 bus to Market 28 (here’s all you need to know about Market 28)

10:30-1pm– explore Market 28 (there is SO much to see!). Stop for some local food at Market 28.

1pm– bus back to resort (the R-2 again, going the opposite way)

1:30pm– lunch if you have room

2:30pm– pool time/beach time

5:30pm– shower/get ready for dinner

6:30pm– dinner

These are how Harrison and I spent each of our three days on the island and we felt like it was a perfect balance of activities and relaxation.

Note: We had rain on our first day, so actually did Mercado 28 and relaxation time on that day instead, and then did the Cenote day and then Isla Mujeres.

However, if you have sunny skies, I think this order is a more ideal pace.

And remember, you’re on tropical time, so don’t get flustered if things don’t go as planned.

No matter what your excursions are, make the most of them!



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Looking for things to do in Cancun? Here's a 3 Day Weekend Itinerary that covers activities and destinations for your trip to Mexico! Make the most of your travel with this plan that includes plenty of beach and resort time. It's the perfect balance of relaxation, culture, and adventure (I'm talking cenotes and dolphins!!) #cancun #mexico #traveltips #travelitinerary #visitmexico

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