50 Couple Poses to Try for Your Next Couples Photoshoot

Couple poses are such a fun way to add visual interest to a photo. I feel like my photos are just more fun with my husband in them (even when he’s reluctant to be in them!).

Here’s the thing: I’ve been a travel blogger for several years, and photography fuels my creativity. Being in my own photos took some getting used to at first. But after a lot of practice and experience, I feel like I know how to get photos I love.

However, getting my husband to be in my photos created a whole new set of issues. We’ve worked through them, though, and I hope that the photos we’ve been able to capture will inspire your own couple poses!

I’ve gone through every photo Harrison and I have taken together to compile this post of couple poses. And along the way, I’ve realized that there really are so many different poses you can do for a couples photoshoot!

We definitely have our go-to poses, but there are both small tweaks and big adjustments you can do to create a whole new feel to your couples photoshoot.

First, I’ll cover the basics of things you should think about when posing together to add visual interest and make a photo look good.

Then, I’ll list the fifty poses we’ve done so that you can get some inspiration for couples photoshoot poses! I’ve divided them into categories to give this post some semblance of order:

  • Couple poses with movement
  • Walking couple poses
  • Sitting couple poses
  • Hugging couple poses
  • Kissing couple poses
  • Standing couple poses
  • Couple poses with one or no one in them

Things to Take Note of When Posing as a Couple

Here are things I used to think about, but that now come pretty naturally with practice.

(If you’re trying a couple photoshoot for the first time, I recommend reading this section first! But if you’re a natural and want to get straight to the couple poses, feel free to skip to this section!)

Where are you looking?

One important thing to consider is where you are looking. In most cases, you’ll either want to be looking at each other (eye contact is powerful, so gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes!), looking at the same thing in the distance, or have at least one person looking at the other. Each has a different effect… like romance, intrigue, or drama.

What are your hands doing?

One of the most common things people say when they’re uncomfortable being in photos is that they don’t know what to do with their hands. Fortunately, when it comes to couple photoshoots, it’s easy to use your hands to interact with each other! Whether you hold hands, he plays with her hair, she puts a hand on his cheek, etc., it’s easy to be doing something. And that makes for less awkwardness when it comes to your hands; it’s easy to avoid “dead fish” hands in couple poses!

What points of contact are you making?

Along those lines, think about proximity and points of contact. When it comes to most couple poses, you’ll want to portray closeness. And that literally translates to being close to one another! The most powerful love photos involve touch. As you go through these fifty couple poses, take note of points of contact, like my arm on his chest, his arm around my waist, hugging, cuddling, etc.

What if you’re camera-shy?

Fortunately there are a lot of couple poses that work for camera-shy couples! In fact, I’ll include quite a few options where you won’t see our faces. And there’s a whole section at the end that focuses on poses if one or both people are camera shy.

How can you use perspective to make a photo better?

Couple taking a selfie from a hot air balloon ride with Mount Rainier in the background.

This is a big one that I incorporate. Harrison is only a couple of inches taller than me, so I can easily look big next to him in photos. But when it comes to photography, you can play with perspectives to make one person look smaller. Sometimes, I like to be slightly behind Harrison to make him look larger. And you’ll notice I’m rarely in front of him.

If the opposite is true for a couple where the guy is significantly taller than the girl – so much so that it’s hard to keep them in the frame, you can consider placing her in front or finding uneven ground where she can be a step up.

Can you create triangles with your bodies?

This is a rule of thumb for solo and couples photography. Triangles enhance the composition and visual appeal of the image; they add a sense of balance, create visual flow, stabilize images, and group points of interest. Our eyes are drawn to triangles, so try to create a triangle with your body or the image’s composition. Creating triangles with your body can be as easy as bending your leg when seated or kicking a leg up or out.

How is your posture?

The most important thing I think about Every. Single. Time. I pose for a photo is “how is my posture?”. Let me tell you, this small thing makes a world of a difference! Good posture exudes confidence, is slimming, and overall just looks good. You may feel like you are overcompensating or look silly, but you really just look great. So make this part of your routine for every picture you’re in! I can’t emphasize this enough!

Can you take couple photos without a photographer?

The view from inside a tent looking out at a couple sitting on a blanket

A resounding yes! Sure, it can be trickier, but basically all of the photos you see here we’ve taken without a photographer. You simply set up a tripod (this is the one we use) and set your camera on self-timer mode. You can use a remote like this one, your camera’s timed-delay function, or your phone connected to your camera if it works with phone apps.

Okay! Now that we’ve answered those basic posing and photography questions, it’s time to cover fifty couple poses that you can do with your significant other! Let’s get to it!

Couple Poses with Movement

1. Dance Together/Twirl Her

This is such a fun way to add movement to a photo! Just make sure your camera is on a high shutter speed and taking photos quickly enough to give you the perfect result.

2. A Spontaneous Grab and Kiss

Have him grab you for a big ‘ol smooch!

3. Piggyback

Piggyback rides are a fun and cute way to pose as a couple!

4. Lift Her Up

pastel pink canyon at valley of fire state park

Have him practice (or show off) his arm strength as he lifts you up!

5. The Dip (and Dip & Kiss)

Couple kissing under the oak tree tunnel at the Charleston Tea Garden

This is one of our go-to poses! It’s easy to dip and look into each other’s eyes or go in for a kiss!

6. Kick Up Your Foot

Whether you’re both on the ground or he’s picking you up, kicking up a leg adds movement and that “triangle” phenomenon I described earlier.

7. Pull Her Leg Up

For a similar but more dramatic option, have him dip you and pull up your leg!

8. Feed Each Other

This is a fun couple pose if you’ve got an epic food spread to dine on!

9. Run With or To Each Other

For some serious movement, try running to each other or with each other!

10. Cheers

Here’s another great couple pose if you have a spread of food: clink your drinks together! (If champagne is involved, shake it up and pop it for some real candid expressions and an awesome visual effect!)

Walking Couple Poses

11. Walking Parallel to the Camera

This was especially fun for me because I got to feature my baby bump!

12. Walking Towards or Away from the Camera

Walking towards or away from the camera is a great idea if you’ve got leading lines like a bridge, road, or staircase. It’s also great for camera-shy couple poses!

13. Staggered with Her Leading Him Away from the Camera

Remember earlier when I talked about perspectives and sizing? This one is fantastic for just that! I look so much more petite than I am in real life because of how I’m further away from the camera than Harrison is.

14. Looking at Each Other

Instead of both looking out, look at each other while walking.

Sitting Couple Poses

15. Facing Each Other with Legs Intertwined

TBH I was nervous that this wouldn’t look very good because my legs are bigger than Harrison’s, but I like the end result! It’s a fun, playful, and romantic couple pose all in one!

16. Sitting and Looking Out

Camera-shy couples, this one’s for you! It’s such a sweet pose where you’re leaning on each other and looking out at a view.

17. Facing the Camera with Legs Intertwined

Here’s a different take on the intertwined legs; instead of facing each other, turn your bodies to the camera and let your legs naturally interact.

18. Nestled

This is one of my favorite sitting couple poses! There’s something so sweet about leaning back on your man while seated. It worked out especially well for us because we were on a slanted beach. (Also, note the triangle we’re making with our bodies, especially since Harrison put an arm out. Though unintentional, it’s subtle details like these that end up adding extra visual appeal!)

19. Facing the Camera, Looking at Each Other

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

20. Sitting and Hugging

I love this seated couple pose – there’s something so sweet about a hug! (This one is also great if you’re trying to hide a baby bump, which is what were doing here!)

21. Sitting and Looking at Each Other

roaring mountain yellowstone

Normally, back-to-back seated positions are cheesy (I imagine tacky family photos circa 1995!), but it makes a big difference if one person is facing forward. And if you’re looking at each other instead of the camera, it removes the 90’s photo studio vibes.

22. Facing the Camera, Looking at the Same Thing in the Distance

I feel like looking at the same thing out in the distance adds a touch of adventure to your couples photoshoot.

23. Sitting Sideways

Valley of Fire Mouse Tank Road

Sitting sideways creates new angles and is often a flattering position for people.

24. Leaning on Each Other

a couple at sunset

Take the last pose a step further by leaning on each other! It adds a sense of security and comfort, which helps to portray your love through the camera.

25. Sitting Casually, Talking and Laughing

Laughing or talking gives your photos a candid quality, whether you’re sitting or standing! I find it easier and more natural to be seated, but try this to get cute, candid shots no matter what your body is doing.

Hugging Couple Poses

26. The Hug from Behind

I love how the hug-from-behind looks in photos!

Hugs are the easiest couple poses in my opinion! They portray love and comfort while occupying your hands. And they’re typically a very natural-feeling pose, too.

27. Hugging and Kissing

Chippewa Square Savannah

Here’s another of my go-to couple poses! It’s just so simple and easy!

28. Hugging and Looking Away

This one is fantastic for couples who are camera-shy. And if you’re not used to posing, hugging while looking away is just about as easy as you can get.

29. Hugging and Touching Foreheads

Touching foreheads lends the sweetest quality to couple photos! And you can do this one sitting, standing, hugging, etc.

30. Hugging and Looking at Each Other

Capture the love by hugging and gazing into each other’s eyes! It’s basically foolproof!

Kissing Couple Poses

31. Kissing

Couple kissing in front of downtown Chicago at 360 Chicago

This is pretty generic, but kissing is one of the most obvious couple poses and I couldn’t leave it out! So if you’ve ever at a loss for couple pose ideas, this one is an easy pose to fall back on.

32. The Moment Before a Kiss

Add movement and intrigue by capturing the moment before a kiss!

33. Cover your Faces While You Kiss

I think this pose is so cute! One of y’all just needs a hat to pull this one off. You’ll often find me wearing a hat in my photos, so this is one of our go-to couple poses as well!

34. Kiss on the Cheek or Forehead

If a kiss is too steamy for you, try this sweet version of a kiss! A kiss on the cheek or forehead adds all the romance without the heat.

35. Selfie Kiss

Or, if kissing is your vibe, make it cute and personal by doing a selfie kiss!

36. Pick Up and Kiss

Make things steamier by having him pick you up and go for a kiss!

Standing Couple Poses

37. One Person Looking at the Camera

Having one person look at the other while the other looks at the camera adds a fun vibe to your couple’s pose!

38. Angled, Holding Hands, and Looking Out at the Same Thing

This is one of my favorite couple’s poses for travel photos since it adds a sense of adventure and focuses on your background!

39. Holding Hands, Pointing

Though this might not be a frequent couple’s pose, I thought I’d include it anyway! While it admittedly looks a bit staged, I still love it because it draws attention to the rest of the photo.

40. Holding Hands, Facing the Camera, Looking at Each Other

Here’s another staged pose that can lean more cutesy than staged if you have the right background, like an adorable love mural.

41. Arms Around Each Other, Looking Out

Once again, here’s a couple pose that works great if you want to also focus on a background. It’s also great for camera-shy people.

42. Close Up Shot, Looking Away

If you need to angle up to see something (like mountains, waterfalls, tall buildings, etc.), add to the drama by standing close to the photo and looking at whatever is in the background.

43. Holding Hands, Back to the Camera, Looking at Each Other

Holding hands is a simple touch that makes a great addition to any couple pose. Add extra romance by looking at each other!

Couple Photos With One Person or No One In Them

44. Personal Perspective – Cheers

If one person is camera shy, have them take the photo and put some part of their body in it. It creates a photo that appears to be what they see from their perspective. A cheers is a great way to accomplish this sort of photo!

45. The Follow-Me-To

This is a similar idea to the one before, but simpler. Simply hold hands for this photo, with one person taking the photo. While the “follow-me-to” photo may have peaked in its popularity (I mean, there was a time when it seemed like it was all over Instagram!), I still love it!

46. Blowing a Kiss to Your Partner

Modify the follow-me-to photo by blowing a kiss to your partner/cameraman!

47. Cheersing

If neither of you want to be in the photo, buy you still want to show your love, this couple pose is for you! Simply cheers in front of a romantic backdrop!

48. Showing Your Feet

If you have a cool view to show off and don’t want to be in the photo, this one is perfect for you!

And here are two extra poses that I love that we haven’t gotten a photo of yet:

49. On His Shoulders

We haven’t tried this pose, but it is so dang cute! I’d love to see if we can manage it someday!

50. Lying Together

Lastly, lying down is a sweet couple’s pose that’s easy to do and very sweet!

Couple Poses: Conclusion

Couple under oak trees at the Charleston Tea Garden

I hope these photos have given you plenty of ideas for how to pose as a couple in photos!

Couples photoshoots can be so fun and interactive; if you’re new to them, I think you’re in for a treat!

If you have any questions or have more ideas for me to add to this list, let me know in the comments!

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Happy modeling!


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Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.

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