50 Romantic Valentine’s Photoshoot Ideas to Try This Year

If you’re looking for Valentine’s photoshoot ideas with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this post is all about how to capture the love and romance in your relationship with some stunning photos!

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, romantic, fun, or adventurous, there are plenty of ways to spice up your photoshoot and make it memorable.

From cozy indoor scenes to breathtaking outdoor locations, from classic poses to creative props, you’ll find something that suits your style and personality.

And whether you’re celebrating solo, with your friends, with your partner, or your family, you’ll find some great inspiration here!

So grab your camera and get ready to snap some amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

Here are 50 romantic Valentine’s photoshoot ideas that will inspire you to create your own beautiful images.

Valentine’s Photoshoot Ideas with Flowers, Hearts, and Other Props

First, let’s cover some cutesy Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas that you can enhance with fun props and accessories! Get ready for some flower and heart-filled inspo:

1. Make a Heart

Let’s kick off this list of Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas with the most classic Valentine’s Day symbol: a heart! Make your photo Instagram-worthy by creating a heart in front of you. You can draw a heart in the sand (or mud or dirt) or make one out of flowers, pebbles, etc.!

2. Create a Heart Frame

A heart-shaped object frame like this leaf can add a romantic touch to your Valentine’s photoshoot.

Hold the object close to the camera lens and position it so that it frames you. It’ll give your photo soft and dreamy vibes while creating visual interest!

If you are looking for a cowboy hat to complement your photoshoot outfit, check out this item below:

3. Create a Flower Frame

In a similar vein, instead of creating a heart frame, you can frame yourself with flowers instead! If you don’t have a lei, you can literally tape flowers to the edges of your camera lens to create a frame that way!

If you do want to use a lei but aren’t in Hawaii, you can always get one on Amazon!

4. Create a Rose-Filled Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Roses or bouquets are other great props for your Valentine’s photoshoot ideas! They can make your photos more colorful, elegant, and romantic. You can have fun with different ways of using the flowers, such as holding them, placing them on the bed, or tossing them.

5. Do a Creative Mirror Selfie

While you have those roses, use them to create a cool mirror selfie! You could do a glam solo Valentine’s Day photoshoot or bring your partner in too!

6. Pampered Self-Care Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

sugar beach viceroy bathroom

This is a great Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea to do solo or with your partner. After all, Valentine’s Day can be about self-love, too! So do a photoshoot of you in the tub with champagne or pampering yourself with flowers, candles, and your favorite products. And if your bathroom isn’t as gorgeous as the one above, you can zoom in and do a flower-filled tub shot like this one!

Some tips for flower-filled tub photoshoots that I’ve learned from trial and error:

  • If possible, place the flowers after you get in the tub.
  • Try not to move around once you get in, as that’ll increase the chances of your flowers clumping together and getting wet.
  • Your flowers might sink once they get wet on top, so keep that in mind and keep splashing to a minimum.
  • If you’re working with roses, you can fluff them up so that they take up more space and look fuller. All you do is carefully pull open the petals!

7. Create a Heart in a Pool

This is a unique Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea that’s one of my favorites! Anything with movement makes a statement, and this totally fits! When you combine that with the reflection you can get on a pool’s surface, it makes it even better. The only downside is that you’ll want to be somewhere warm enough to use the pool in February… or you’ll want to find a heated pool!

8. Use Twinkle Lights

Capture some sweet moments with a casual indoor photoshoot for Valentine’s. And twinkle lights will add an extra dimension of warmth and romance to your photo.

Some tips for romantic indoor photoshoots:

  • Shoot on a cozy bed, couch, by a fireplace.
  • Other than twinkle lights, add warmth by using blankets, candles, and pillows.
  • Relax and be yourself while your camera is on an auto-timer. That way you can get candid shots of you and your loved one cuddling, laughing, or kissing. 

Looking for a cozy pillow for your photoshoot? I’m all about the warm-and-fuzzy vibes in these checkboard throw pillow covers!

You can also skip setting up your space and get a simple but romantic photo if you zoom in and let the twinkle lights set the mood! I love how this couple captured their love:

Fairy lights create a soft and warm glow, but if you really want to spice things up, you can light some sparklers! You’ll get to capture the sparks flying between you and your lover (pun intended).

9. Breakfast in Bed

four seasons room service

Nothing says romance to me quite like breakfast in bed. I mean, he made you food and is going to serve it to you in bed? SO romantic!

(But let’s be real… for an aesthetic Instagram photoshoot, I’d be the one making the food.)

Whether you whip up a tasty breakfast or do a staycation and let the hotel make it for you, this makes for a very cute Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

Make sure to include the cozy bed, the romantic breakfast, and all the love vibes between you and your partner in your frame.

We got the shot above at the Four Seasons Hualalai and I loved their fun robes! Here’s a similar vibe:

10. Cover Yourself with Flowers

I’ve mentioned a few flower-themed Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas already, but here’s another one! You can hold a bouquet in front of your face or even stick flowers into high-waisted jeans to become a flower shirt!

11. Use a Mural as a Backdrop

A mural can add some color and creativity to your romantic photoshoot. Most cities have cool murals that would work perfectly for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot! Think pink, floral, hearts, or love-themed (like the above mural in Austin)!

For some more examples, and proof that you can find great murals everywhere, here’s a heart mural that we found in Bellevue, Washington:

And here’s a pink mural that’s in Dallas:

Experiment with different angles, poses, and expressions. You can do a solo Valentine’s Day photoshoot or bring in your partner, too!

12. Go Somewhere Full of Flowers

Woman walking through Azaleas at Magnolia Plantation

For this next idea, you’ll want to head somewhere that you can be surrounded by flowers. If you don’t live somewhere where flowers bloom in February, you can always visit an indoor botanical garden, butterfly house, or greenhouse.

13. Find a Flower-Covered Store Front

Alternatively, you can find somewhere covered in artificial flowers, too! I’ve found that there are increasingly more Instagrammable store fronts these days, so you’re bound to find one that has a floral entrance. The one above is Love Shack Fancy, one of my favorite Instagrammable places in Dallas.

And here’s one in Vegas:

mayfair las vegas entrance

I mean, how pretty are those red roses!? So perfect for Valentine’s Day.

14. Feature Something Sweet

You can also go to a store that might not have a killer flower display, but that serves up pretty sweet treats! Head to a bakery for a yummy Valentine’s Day photo and insert some sweet puns in your Instagram caption.

black tap milkshake las vegas

If you’re camera-shy, you can find an Instagrammable dessert to be the star of your photo instead!

15. Create an Epic Charcuterie Board

While we’re talking food, here’s another idea for your Valentine’s photoshoot. There’s something classy and romantic about charcuterie boards and fruit, cheese, chocolate, and wine pairings!

16. Use Heart-Shaped Balloons

If you want to add some fun and color to your Valentine’s photoshoot, use heart-shaped balloons as props! These are a very easy way to add a pop to your photo! You can either hold them in your hands, tie them to a chair or a fence, or let them float in the air.

17. Use Candles

I mentioned candles briefly earlier but they deserve their own section. They make for a gorgeous photo prop! Extra points if you can photograph you and your loved one having a candlelight dinner on the beach like the couple above. I mean, how romantic is that?

18. Show off Matching Tattoos

For this shot, you and your partner will stand back to back and show off your matching tattoos. Smile and look at each other with love in your eyes.

No tattoos? No problem! You can draw matching tattoos or get some temporary tattoos instead.

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Poses

Next, we’ll tackle the best Valentine’s Day poses. I hope that this section will give you inspiration for how to get comfortable with your partner in front of the camera!

19. A Simple Kiss

You can’t go wrong with a classic kiss photo! Turn up the romance with a dip to add movement and some fun to your photo.

White dresses are one of my photography staples. Here’s a similar dress to the one I’m wearing!

20. The Moment Before a Kiss

Let’s change things up very slightly and focus on the moment before kissing. In that split second, you can capture emotions that are more intense and visible. When you catch that fleeting moment in your lens, you’ve got a beautiful and romantic shot.

21. Candid Love Photograph

Candid photography is one of the best ways to make photos look natural! It’s about capturing real moments and connections between two people in love. You don’t need to pose or stage anything; here are some tips and ideas for taking candid love photos:

  • If you don’t have a photographer with you, set up your tripod and turn your camera on self-timer.
  • While your camera is clicking away, try to just hang out with your partner. Talk, laugh, hold hands, give kisses, and smile at each other.
  • For more inspiration, think about how you:
    • Look at each other (eye contact, smiles, admiration)
    • Touch each other (holding hands, hugging, kissing)
    • Communicate with each other (talking, laughing, whispering)
  • Don’t be afraid to zoom in or crop the photo to focus on these elements.

22. Dance With Your Partner

Movement in photos is always great to have. And for this photo idea, you and your partner can hold hands and twirl or dance.

You can experiment with different angles and perspectives, such as looking at each other, looking away, or looking at the camera.

This pose is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments; the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourselves while dancing!

Wear a dress to add more movement to your photo shoot! Here’s a flowy swing midi dress that would work great for adding motion:

23. Personal Perspective Photos

Personal perspective photos are a great way to capture the intimacy and emotion of your relationship.

To take one, you need to hold the camera close to your face while including some of your body parts (such as your hand, arm, or legs) in the frame to create a sense of closeness and connection.

Doing a cheers from this perspective is a great way to add a fun twist. And this can easily be done for a Galentine’s Day photoshoot, too! My friend Haley is toasting me here!

24. Toast to Love

In a similar vein, you can make a “cheers” the focal point of your Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

Grab some cute couples’ mugs and set up a Valentine’s Day spread all around you. Include props like the ones I mentioned earlier (twinkle lights, flowers, heart balloons, pillows, blankets, and candles). Some more fun props to include that we used in the photo above are:

If you don’t want to set up a whole Valentine’s Day photoshoot, you can always go to a restaurant and cheers with some pretty drinks! Props if they are pink, red, or white!

25. The Hug From Behind

Wrap your arms around your partner from behind, pulling them close for a cozy snuggle. Let your smiles or a gentle kiss capture the moment! The hug-from-behind pose sets a romantic and heartfelt tone for your photos.

26. Piggyback Ride

A piggyback ride is a fun way to pose with your partner. You can look at each other, kiss, or smile at the camera. This is great for showing your playful and affectionate side and works well in any location.

Just make sure you have a good balance and a comfortable grip!

27. The Follow-Me-To Photo

The follow-me-to photo really peaked a couple of years ago, but it’s still a really cutesy photo pose for Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re solo, you can still create a follow-me-to photo! Just reach out toward the camera!

28. Blow a Kiss to the Camera

This one is pretty self-explanatory! And is great for a solo Valentine’s Day photoshoot, or a Galentines shoot with you and your girls blowing kisses to the camera!

29. Pop a Bottle of Champagne

I love capturing movement in photos, and popping a bottle of champagne makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day photoshoot! Use fun props, such as heart-shaped sunglasses, flowers, chocolate, glasses of wine, and more.

While you’re getting this motion shot, you’re bound to capture candid expressions and interactions, like smiling, laughing, kissing, or cuddling, too!

Also, you can add some flair to your outfit in your photo with these gorgeous knee-high boots!

30. Forehead Kiss

There’s something about a forehead kiss that gives you the sweetest warm-fuzzy feelings! This pose shows how much you cherish and adore your partner.

The kiss recipient can either look at the camera or close their eyes. And aim for soft lighting to create an even cozier atmosphere.

31. Shadow Photos

Shadow photos make for a fun Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

To take a shadow photo, you will need a strong light source behind you, such as the sun or a lamp.

Position yourself and your boo in front of a plain wall or a textured surface, and experiment with different poses and angles.

You can hold hands, hug, kiss, or whisper in each other’s ears.

Bonus points if you create a heart with your hands!

Valentine’s Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, all you need to turn a photo into a Valentine’s Day photo is the right outfit! Here are some suggestions for what to wear:

32. A Red Dress

Red is a classic Valentine’s Day color! You can go dramatic with a ballgown or keep things simple and classy with a red cocktail dress like this one:

33. Something with Ruffles, Lace, or Frills

While red pops in photos, you can go for a softer look with something lacy, frilly, or with ruffles. I love a romantic light pink dress, too!

34. In a Wedding Dress

What says love more than a wedding dress? If you’re married, you can do a photoshoot in the dress you got married in! Or, if you’re engaged and looking for a dress, bring your camera and turn it into a photoshoot!

(Psst… you might notice I’m constantly wearing hats in my photos… even in a wedding dress! Here’s a similar style to one you’d find me wearing!)

35. Wear a Bow in Your Hair

Hair bows are romantic, girly, and add a touch of romance to your photos!

36. Dress Up for a Night on the Town

elegant lobby at the four seasons hotel chicago

Another great Valentine’s Day photoshoot outfit is a gorgeous cocktail dress. Go out for a night on the town and wear something you feel stunning in!

This is the dress I’m wearing; it fits true to size:

37. Dress Up with Retro, Classic Vibes

If you want to capture the timeless romance of Valentine’s Day, you can also try a classic-style photo shoot with your partner. Choose a simple and elegant backdrop, such as a park, garden, or building with beautiful architecture.

If you want a vintage-style hat, check out this wool-felt fedora hat.

38. Dress Up as Cupid

If you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day with some fun and romance, why not dress up as Cupid for a photoshoot? All you need is a pair of wings, a bow and arrow, and a red or pink outfit. 

Valentine’s Photoshoot Date Ideas

Romantic dates make for some great Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas! Here are some photo-worth date ideas for you:

39. Go on a Romantic Picnic

For a lovely picnic photoshoot, include items like a basket, blanket, snacks and beverages, and flowers. You should also pick a place with a scenic view, like a park, lake, or field.

40. Recreate Your First Date

Think back to where you and your partner first met or had your first date, and try to recreate it! Maybe it was a coffee shop, a park, a movie theater, or somewhere else. You can even try to recreate the scene as much as possible with the same outfits!

41. Boat Ride

There’s something so romantic about boat rides that makes them great options for Valentine’s photoshoot ideas. In the photo above, we actually went to the swamp where one of the romantic scenes in The Notebook was filmed!

If you don’t have a dreamy setting near you, you can still go on a romantic boat ride by finding a gondola operator near you.

Tht’ll give you Venice vibes, and Italy has to be one of the most romantic countries!

You can experiment with different angles, lighting, and backgrounds to create stunning images. This nighttime shot is so dreamy:

And if you are looking for a prop to brighten up your photo taken at dusk or later, you can bring a lantern for really dreamy lighting! Try this camping lantern to add a cozy and adventurous touch to your picture:

42. Go to an Art Museum

Art museums are often great date spots. And another great thing about art is it’s incredibly Instagrammable! That’ll make art museums a great backdrop for a quick Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

43. Go on an Unusual Date

How about doing something outside of the box? Something like going on a hot air balloon ride, ziplining, whale watching, or some other unique date activity. You’ll make incredible memories and have some awesome photos come out of it, too. Win, win!

44. Post a Romantic Valentine’s Day Meal

You can’t go wrong with a classic, classy Valentine’s Day meal! Pick somewhere light and airy for the perfect backdrop, and wear something red or pink to incorporate Valentine’s Day colors.

45. Camping

If you and your partner love nature and adventure, why not go camping for your Valentine’s Day? You can capture some romantic moments in the great outdoors, surrounded by scenic views and cozy tents.

And I love how this couple set up candles and twinkle lights for extra romance!

Here are some tips to make your camping photoshoot a success:

  • Pick a location with beautiful landscapes like mountains, lakes, forests, or fields.
  • Bring props that fit the camping theme, like lanterns, blankets, pillows, mugs, or marshmallows.

46. Travel Together

Traveling together is a romantic Valentine’s photoshoot idea that you and your partner will love. Choose a destination with a special meaning for you or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit!

Then, take photos of yourselves enjoying the scenery, holding hands, or doing whatever makes you happy.

47. In a Hotel with a View

Whether you do a staycation in your home city or venture to another destination, booking a romantic hotel is another great Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea!

Bonus points if it has an incredible view that you can make a bed look out of! (Oftentimes when you see bed-against-window hotel shots, we’ve either created a fake bed with just blankets or have pushed the bed itself against the window!)

See if the hotel is doing any special Valentine’s Day offerings, like rose petals, Valentine’s-themed room service, floating breakfasts, or anything like that!

48. Eiffel Tower Valentine’s Photo

This one might be a stretch, because who has a few grand to throw on a spontaneous Valentine’s Day trip to Paris? But, maybe you do have that time and money, or maybe you’ve already been to Paris and have photos to show for it! Because no destination says romance quite like a photo shoot in the City of Love with the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Whether it’s a gentle kiss, a shared laugh, or simply holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes, the Eiffel Tower backdrop adds undeniable magic to your moment!

Add some French flair to your outfit with a wool beret!

And for an extra touch of romance, here’s a tulle skirt similar to the one I’m wearing.

To keep the Parisian vibes but stay in the US, you could also plan a trip to Vegas:

paris vegas eiffel tower view from the bellagio

Or even stay home and create a Parisian-style indoor photoshoot!

You can use sunglasses, roses, croissants, and a red beret to tie it all together.

49. Ice Skating

If you and your partner love ice skating, why not capture the fun and romance on camera? Find a scenic spot with a frozen lake or pond, and dress up in warm and cozy outfits. Then, glide on the ice hand in hand or show off your skills with some spins and jumps.

50. Hiking Adventure

A hiking trip with your love is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and have some fun. Take amazing photos of the mountains while showing off your hiking boots and toasting to love.

You can also snuggle with your partner as you witness the sunrise and breathe in the fresh air. There’s something so romantic about sitting together and enjoying the wonders of nature!

Bonus: Family Valentine’s Photoshoot Ideas

Last but not least, let’s do a quick dive into some family Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas!

Kiss Your Child(ren)

There are so many ways to do a family Valentine’s Day photoshoot! Whether you want to dress up in matching outfits, use heart-shaped props, shoot indoors or outdoors, the possibilities endless.

My favorite family pose for Valentine’s Day is to have both parents kissing either cheek of their child! Or you could try to get some candid shots of your family laughing, hugging, and having fun together.

Craft Valentine’s Day Cards with Your Kids

Here’s a great family activity to do for a family Valentine’s Day photoshoot! Capture some sweet moments with your kids while crafting some Valentine’s cards together!

You can use colorful paper, stickers, glitter, and anything else you have at hand to make some personalized cards for each other. Then, pose with your cards and your loved ones for a fun Valentine’s photoshoot.

And if you like to look extra cute, try wearing matching outfits. You can find some great family-matching sweatshirts below.

Best Time of Day for Valentine’s Photoshoots

a couple at sunset

The last thing I want to cover is when you should get outdoor Valentine’s Day photos! Golden hour, sunrise, and sunset are my favorite times to shoot outdoors. They make for the most romantic lighting!

Valentine’s Photoshoot Ideas: Conclusion

I hope this list of Valentine’s photoshoot ideas helps you capture the magic of love with your camera!

Which of these are you excited to try this year? Let me know in the comments!

And if you have some brilliant Valentine’s photoshoot ideas of your own that I didn’t include here, I’d love to hear them in the comments as well!

Lastly, you can find more photoshoot ideas and inspiration here:

Happy photographing!


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Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.

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