51 Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram

Table of Contents

Tis the season for the holidays and adorable Christmas and winter-themed Instagram posts! Need some winter photoshoot ideas? Well, I’ve got you covered!

Santa, snow, hot chocolate, Christmas trees, cozy blankets, stockings, ornaments- they all say winter to me!

I’ve compiled a bunch of my own and others’ photos to give you winter photoshoot ideas for the ultimate inspiration!

To keep things organized, I’ve divided these ideas into these categories:

  • Photoshoot Ideas with Presents
  • Snow Photoshoot Ideas
  • At Home Winter Photoshoot Ideas
  • City & Outdoor Winter Photoshoot Ideas
  • Crafty Winter Photoshoot Ideas
  • Car Photoshoot Ideas
  • Winter Travel Photoshoot Ideas

You’ll find winter photoshoot ideas for couples, winter photoshoot ideas for friends, and winter photoshoot ideas for families sprinkled throughout this list!

So without further ado, here are 51 winter photoshoots that are perfect for Instagram!

Photoshoot Ideas with Presents

The holidays are the ultimate gift-giving time! So how about incorporating presents into your winter photoshoots? Here are 4 present-related ideas for you!

1. Go shopping for presents

With the way shopping centers decorate for the holidays, they’re perfect for a holiday photo shoot!

(I’m also partial to Bath & Body Works since they have the best candles out there, which make for the perfect gifts!)

2. Wrap presents

For a cute holiday action shot, wrap some presents!

With the beauty of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc., a present-wrapping photoshoot can be so pretty!

3. Exchange small presents

Use presents to decorate, and then exchange some! I decided on an areal photo (from above) showing the hubs and I exchanging cute presents.

With the ornament heart and lights surrounding our feet, this photo is a great winter photo for Instagram!

4. Hold a stack of presents

Stack some presents for another fun winter photoshoot idea!

You can do this photoshoot indoors or outside, all you need is a few wrapped presents to pull this one off!

Snow Photoshoot Ideas

If you live somewhere that gets snow or are planning a vacation to the snow, here are some great winter photoshoot ideas for you!

Snow is extremely Instagrammable since you can do so much with it! It also makes for a dreamy winter backdrop.

Here are 7 fun snow photoshoot ideas!

5. Create a romantic snow photoshoot

Bring a flowy skirt with you on a hike or wherever to add some whimsy to your photo.

Here is the skirt I’m wearing– it’s the ultimate Instagram skirt! I bring it with me on every vacation because it instantly adds that fairytale feeling.

6. Throw snow in the air

Add some movement to your winter photoshoot by throwing snow up into the air!

Tip: You’ll want to make sure you don’t hold it too tightly in your hands, otherwise it’ll clump together.

7. Go skiing

Skiing, anyone? (Or snowboarding!)

If you’re hitting the slopes, be sure to grab a fun photo with all your ski gear!

8. Find a snow-covered road

Stand in the middle of a snow-covered road lined with evergreens for some winter wanderlust vibes.

9. Make a snow heart

‘Snow joke how cute this is! Create a heart out of snow for a precious snow photo!

10. Build a snowman

This will take some work, but it’ll have you feeling like a child again!

Build a snowman and accessorize him for a fun snow photoshoot!

Bonus points if you can make him look like Olaf!

11. Hold a “giant” snowball

I love how creative this shot is!

Have your photographer hold a snowball in the foreground while you reach up in the background.

12. Kiss behind a snowflake

You can make or buy a giant snowflake to really accentuate the snow!

At Home Winter Photoshoot Ideas

I’m guessing most of this winter we’ll be spending at home, so here are a bunch of great at-home winter photoshoot ideas!

They’ll give you all the cute and cozy winter vibes, right from home!

13. Hang ornaments on a tree

Get a shot decorating your tree! With all the work you’ll put into decorating, you might as well get a cute shot of you doing it!

Throw a bow in your hair to raise the cuteness level!

14. Toast in front of the tree

How about a toast?

Fill your mugs with marshmallows or hot chocolate to keep with the winter theme, and cheers to the season!

To step it up a notch, how cute is this cup spa for gingerbread men?! Use marshmallows for the “bath”, a cup for the “tub”, and throw some candy canes in there too!

15. Surround yourself with ornaments

I don’t have this photo yet, but here’s what I have in mind:

This shot will be from above with me *potentially* wearing a Santa hat. Ornaments will surround me from all around!

16. Create an epic platter of Christmas-themed food

Who doesn’t like holiday foods?!

Not only do they taste good, but they’re eye candy too! (Pun intended).

Grab your gingerbread men, hot chocolate, a slice of pie, candy canes, chocolate Santas, cinnamon sticks, walnuts, a pot of tea, or whatever else you can think of!

Here are the flannel shorts I’m wearing!

17. Get cozy in PJs

For super cozy vibes, dress in your Christmas pajamas!

You can’t go wrong with some red plaid like this– it’ll match your presents and holiday decorations.

18. Bring in your family and friends

Holidays are meant to be shared with loved ones! So how about getting your friends or family in a photo with you?

19. A Christmas kiss

Share a Christmas kiss with your love! (Mistletoe optional!)

To step it up another notch, have your spouse wear a Santa hat like this one and caption your post “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.” πŸ™‚

20. Write a letter to Santa

Continuing on the Santa kick, how about writing a letter to Santa?

21. Show off your front porch

If you’ve decorated your front porch for the holidays, show it off! You’ve put all that time and money into beautifying your front door, so go ahead and photograph it!

22. Show off your shoes

Along those lines, step onto your doormat and show off your Christmas shoes!

This doesn’t have to be photographed on the front porch; you can stand by your Christmas tree, next to a bunch of ornaments, poinsettias, or anywhere else holiday-themed.

23. Watch a Christmas movie

Add a Christmas movie into your winter photoshoot! Here are some classics:

  • Elf
  • White Christmas
  • The Grinch
  • Frozen
  • Home Alone
  • A Christmas Story

24. Show off your Christmas socks or slippers

If you’ve got some fun Christmas socks or slippers, make sure they make it into your winter photoshoot! Stick your feet up in the air, take a shot of your socks from above, or point your toes for the camera to make your feet the focal point!

Here are my exact reindeer slippers!

25. Cozy up to the fireplace

Fireplaces are super cozy and add unique light into photoshoots. Bonus points for adding twinkle lights or hanging up some cute stockings on your fireplace!

26. Show off your nails & jewelry

The holidays are extremely popular times to get engaged! (I’m including myself in that statistic… I got engaged on December 1st!) Here’s a great photoshoot if you’ve got some new bling to show off!

And, regardless of if you’ve got an engagement ring, if you have some cute jewelry or a great manicure, this photo is for you!

(You don’t need to shell out the big bucks for a manicure, either! These stick-on-and-file-off gel nail stickers are lifesavers! They’re all I use now!)

27. Get a shot from above

Create an epic spread of all of your holiday dΓ©cor, then have your photographer stand on a chair above you to snap a cute photo!

Bonus points if you’re wearing something wintery like this pom pom hat!

City & Outdoor Winter Photoshoot Ideas

If you’re hitting the town, there are a bunch of great photo opportunities come winter time! Here are some of my favorite winter photoshoot ideas if you’re out and about:

28. Follow me to the Christmas tree

Shopping centers, malls, and hotels are great places to visit for this kind of shot. More often than not, they’ll have a giant Christmas tree that you can get a photo in front of!

And if you have kids, chances are there will be a Santa for them to get a photo with, too!

29. Go to a Christmas tree farm

Christmas tree farms are the ultimate outdoor winter photoshoot location! Regardless of whether there’s snow on the ground or not, you can get some adorable photos with Christmas trees!

30. Find a cute storefront or display

Stores and shopping areas go all out for the holidays. You’ll find lights, wreaths, Christmas trees, giant ornaments, and more!

31. The traveling-for-the-holidays shot

If you’re traveling for the holidays, get a shot with your suitcase! Bonus points if it matches some decor in your city!

32. Share hot chocolate

While you’re out on the town, stop into your favorite coffee shop and get hot chocolate to cheers with!

33. Dance among the evergreens

Dance among the trees and wear red to throw in some red-and-green Christmas colors!

34. Bring a mini tree or Santa hat with you somewhere unexpected

Not all of us live in a winter wonderland! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your cute winter photoshoots in!

If you live near the ocean, bring a mini Christmas tree to the beach with you. Or if you’re traveling somewhere warm, bring Santa hats for a fun photo.

35. Go ice skating