24 Instagrammable Places in Fort Worth, Texas to Visit in 2021

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Heading to Fort Worth and in search of great photo locations? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here I’ll cover the most Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

Although Fort Worth just a hop, skip, and a jump from Dallas, I definitely think it deserves its own list of Instagrammable spots!

If you’re looking for spots in Dallas instead, you can also check out my list of 50+ Instagrammable places in Dallas here!

Without further ado, here are the 24 most Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

1. Airfield Falls

Waterfalls in North Texas? Yup!

You will find Airfield Falls Conservation Park about 40 minutes from downtown Dallas in Tarrant Country. 

Airfield Falls is a place for a quick getaway from the city, the site of a number of hiking trails, and home to the largest natural waterfall in North Texas! 

I recommend bringing a zoom lens if you have one; the lens compression effect will make the falls appear larger behind you!

Harrison and I shot these using my 24mm-120mm zoom lens.

2. Brewed Mural

Fort Worth’s popular brunch spot, Brewed, has this cute mural on its outer wall!

With the hashtag #lovethefort, the mural is a sort of love letter to the city of Fort Worth.

So naturally, this made my list of Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

You may want to get a photo here on an overcast day, as a super bright sun can make for harsh lighting. Or, you can take the photo once the sun is low for this spot to be in the shade. We captured this at around 4:30pm in January.

When you post your shot of the mural on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #lovethefort.

They may feature you on their Instagram page if you use their hashtag, which is a great way to grow your Instagram! (Check out this post for other ways to improve your Instagram this year!)

3. Dream on Dreamer Mural

You can find this large Dream on Dreamer mural on the sidewall of the Art Room Gallery at 5702 Locke Street which is co-owned by the artist, Katie Murray.

The massive mural makes use of color-blocking in the background with shares of yellow, orange, and red. The foreground is the face of a young woman donning a hat that reads “Dream on Dreamer.”

This one is a perfect backdrop for those with wanderlust in their hearts!

It’s also one of the most Instagrammable murals in Fort Worth to me!

4. Historic Sinclair Gas

You will find this historic gas station stuck in time in south Fort Worth.

This one is worth seeing for the nostalgic vibes!

Sinclair Gas Station was built in the 1950s and operated for decades until it was shuttered.

The new owner painstakingly restored the location to its former glory instead of building another business here.

The fresh paint, fixtures, and branding is perfect and will transport you back in time!

5. Downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth is the center of commerce and culture in the city.

You will find plenty of opportunities for delicious meals on restaurant patios and stays at top-notch hotels.

Plus, the downtown area has a number of unique things to discover!

For one thing, you could take an architectural walking tour of downtown Fort Worth.

These tours educate their participants on the many buildings from the turn of the 20th century that are still in use.

Learning about the past is a great way to see where the city is heading. With such fast-paced growth, Fort Worth is bound to be always changing!

You can also head to Sundance Square and make good use of the photo-worthy shops in the neighborhood! More on that later on in this list!

6. Howdy Mural

You will find this beautiful mural painted on the side of Mend Hair Studio just outside of downtown Fort Worth.

As you can tell, it has a cool three-dimensional effect; the artist, Steffi Lynn Tsai, made the “Howdy” text look like its popping off the wall!

When in Fort Worth, let the cowboy vibes run wild! You gotta love cowboy paraphernalia and the cute cartoon cacti!

7. Inspiration Alley at the Foundry District

Inspiration Alley opened to the public in 2017.

In that short period of time, it has become a top destination for those interested in art and one of the most Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

The district works to promote the work of Fort Worth’s creative minds and the alley is a testament to that creativity.

This alley features nearly a dozen murals perfect for selfies and photoshoots!

One thing to note- the alley is a bit narrow so you may want to use a wide-angle lens.

Keep an eye out for another piece by Katie Murray, the same muralist who painted the Dream on Dreamer mural!

8. Japanese Garden

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is 7.5 acres of beautiful walking paths through cherry trees, magnolias, bamboo, and Japanese maples.

The garden also has several ponds teeming with Koi fish.

I recommend visiting the Japanese Garden sometime in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. It’s also gorgeous in the fall once the leaves have changed colors!

Keep in mind, the entrance fee is $12 for adults.

Plus, if you want to do any sort of photography beyond casual photos for personal use, you will need a photography pass ($75).

We didn’t need a pass for grabbing a few quick photos, but you will need a photography pass for portraits, family photoshoots, engagement shots, etc.

However, it’s definitely worth it considering it’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

9. Fort Worth Botanical Garden

The Fort Worth Botanical Garden contains the aforementioned Japanese Gardens.

But there is so much more to explore here!

The diversity of plant life and symmetrical groundskeeping ensures you will get plenty of photo-worthy content on your visit.

Pay special attention to the Rainforest Conservatory which houses a number of tropical plants inside of a massive greenhouse structure.

Fortunately, though the Conservatory was damaged due to severe hail, it has since reopened in late 2020.

10. Fort Worth Stockyards – One of the Most Instagrammable Places in Forth Worth

The Fort Worth’s Stockyards is a living monument to the city’s livestock heritage.

Did you know that the Stockyards date back to the late 19th century?

Today, they are a popular spot for visitors who want to learn a bit more about the city’s history.

Travel back in time, but bring your camera for selfies and fun photos on the streets of the Stockyards! This is definitely one of the most iconic and Instagrammable places in Fort Worth!

Stick around for the twice-daily Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive, where a herd of Texas Longhorns hit the pavement of the historic site.

11. Cactus galore at the River Ranch Stockyards

Cue all the southwestern desert vibes!

You’ll find this cute cactus-covered area right by the Fort Worth Stockyards at the River Ranch Stockyards.

It’s used as a horseback riding trail (the Iron Horse Trail) so watch your step as you get this ‘gram-worthy shot!

12. Magnolia Avenue

Magnolia Avenue is an up-and-coming, charming street in Fort Worth.

This place bustles all day and night with visitors of this avenue’s many shops, cafes, bars, and BBQ spots.

But Magnolia Avenue is more than a street. It’s a community of Fort Worth’s most welcoming and accepting folks!

This area features unique artwork adorning the insides of the area’s shops and street art spread out across outdoor walls.

13. Melt Ice Creams

Fort Worth is always changing, and so is the menu at Melt Ice Creams!

The delectable dessert shop has three locations and a food cart in the area, but the prettiest one (in my opinion) is on the aforementioned Magnolia Avenue.

Each one has its own unique decor but stays consistent with the brand’s yellow, black, and white color palette.

The location in Sundance Square makes use of neon typography while the Magnolia spot (pictured above) uses big bold color blocks.

Speaking of palates, be sure to taste one of Melt’s latest creations when you visit to snap your Instagram-worthy shots.

The folks at Melt are always coming up with new flavors and the menu changes every six weeks! And don’t be surprised if you see a long line here… it’s a popular spot for a reason!

14. Craftwork Coffee Co

Craftwork Coffee Co has quickly become a popular Fort Worth fixture.

It has multiple locations in the city and an additional spot in Austin.

The company follows two rules:

  1. complement the neighborhood where their cafes are located, and
  2. make delicious coffee accessible.

Despite having some of the best brewed coffee in Fort Worth, you won’t find any snobby baristas here.

Plus, their interior design is spacious, minimalist, and features gorgeous accents and textures making their locations great photo spots!

15. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The Modern Art Museum deserves a visit with its spectacular views inside and out!

The entire structure with its glass and concrete facade looks like it is floating on water thanks to its placement on a shallow manmade pond.

The Modern’s permanent collection features pieces by KAWS, Takashi Murakami, and Andy Warhol. 

Though the museum is worth visiting at any time of day, my favorite time for photography here is at sunset and dusk. The museum is open late on Fridays, and once the sun sinks low, the lights reflect beautifully off of the pond!

(Honest moment- we walked here after the museum had closed on a Sunday to capture this shot. I’m pretty sure that’s not technically allowed, but if you’re willing to risk it, this view is accessible from the sidewalk!)

16. Panther Island Pavilion

You will find Panther Island Pavilion located on the waterfront of the Trinity River in Forth Worth.

It’s an action-packed place with water sports, hiking, biking, concerts, and festivals happening on the grounds.

You can float in a tube on the river and enjoy a free concert from the water every Thursday in the summer (barring pandemic restrictions). Check here for their events!

You can also hike the Trinity Trail System from Panther Island which covers nearly 100 miles of hiking paths in the Fort Worth Area.

But my favorite thing to do in this area when the weather is warm is get out and kayak with Backwoods Paddlesports!

17. Steel City Pops

Steel City has some delicious, colorful, and photo-worthy icy treats!

The pop shop has locations in three states, and two spots in Forth Worth.

You can visit one of their cute locations on Currie Street or Convair Drive.

Steel City Pops’ decor is steel gray with pops of color, and that contrast is exactly what makes photos here so Instagrammable!

Wear a bright color, hold up your pop, and strike a pose on the Steel City Pops patio!

18. Sundance Square

There’s so much to see and do in Sundance Square!

This 35 square block area of downtown Fort Worth is usually buzzing with activity.

Shops, bars, restaurants, public art installations, and much more are on every street and around every corner.

If you’re in the area, you should visit Sundance Square Plaza at the jetted fountains.

These fountains light up at night making it one of my favorite photo spots!

19. Scat Jazz Lounge

Looking for a not-so-secret but slightly hidden jazz bar in Sundance Square?

Follow the glow of Scat Jazz Lounge’s neon sign down a dimly lit alley and into its basement for fun drinks and great jazz music.

The lounge has a cozy, energetic vibe that will be familiar to jazz club fans.

But the most Instagrammable sight here is the neon sign that leads you into the basement bar.

Scat’s real glass neon sign has that warm nostalgic hum and hue.

The sign glows red, yellow, blue, and green, and this variety of colors make for really interesting photos!

20. Water Gardens

Water cascades 38 feet down the many steps of this garden oasis south of downtown Fort Worth.

The Indiana Jones vibe here definitely makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Fort Worth.

Plus, the geometry and contrasting materials of this urban park make taking great photos a breeze!

You can walk all the way down into the center of the concrete garden along dry stepping stones for a unique photo perspective. But my favorite angle is the one pictured above!

21. WestBend Murals

WestBend is a relatively new commercial and residential space bounded by the Trinity River and Fort Worth’s roadways.

The architects and urban planners tried to create an area of the city that is walkable, mixed-use, and pleasing to the eye.

Well, mission accomplished!

You will find a handful of public artworks nestled among the many businesses in the University District’s WestBend.

These include the striking blue and white “Y’ALL MEANS ALL” mural and the photo murals of Devon Nowlin. Patsy Cline’s inspirational quote also makes for a very Instagrammable Fort Worth mural!

Keep an eye out for Laura Kimpton’s “LOVE” sculpture. Composed of hundreds of LED lights, the letters light up at night!

22. Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the oldest in the United States, dating back to 1908!

Spread out over 13,000 acres, the zoo has a diverse array of animal residents.

The Fort Worth Zoo has all the usual suspects including monkeys, tigers, and a wide assortment of birds. But it also has some unexpected creatures like komodo dragons!

As such, it’s a great place for wildlife photography!

But there’s one shot here you won’t want to forget to take… a photo feeding the giraffes here! That definitely makes for an Insta-worthy shot!

23. Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Hot Buns Sign)

Hopdoddy Burger Bar is a massively popular burger joint in Texas.

It has 22 locations from Fort Worth to Austin and a handful of others in neighboring states.

However, there is only one location in Forth Worth that has a unique neon identifier!

Head over to the West 7th Street location to snap a pic in front of the “Hot Buns + Cold Beer” sign.

The red and blue neon sign sits on the corner of the building, with the text split between the two sides. (The Cold Beer part is continued on the other side of the wall in the picture above.)

If you want this sign’s neon glow in your photo, make sure you visit in the evening!

24. Old Home Supply