27 Beautiful Places in Aruba That Will Make You Want to Visit in 2024

Ready to see the most beautiful places in Aruba?

These 27 places will show you just how amazing Aruba is! I’ve only been once so far but I absolutely love this gorgeous island.

With amazing rock formations, cacti everywhere, stunning nature, and charming points of interest, Aruba should definitely be on your bucket list.

Without further ado, here are the 27 most beautiful places in Aruba!

All photos of me in this post were taken by @readysetjetset.

1. Alto Vista Chapel

This chapel atop a hill on Aruba’s north shore comes with a complicated history.

The Alto Vista Chapel is a 1950s reconstruction of the original 18th-century chapel that stood in the same precise location. Spanish missionaries used the original structure as a church where they strived to convert Aruban Indians.

The chapel features curved wooden pews inside its small interior space. Plenty more stone pews outside make room for additional worshippers.

On the grounds of the chapel is the Peace Labyrinth, based on the Labyrinth of Chartres. You can walk its circuits and meditate while looking out over the deep blue sea!

2. Antilla Shipwreck

Via Shore Excursions Group

Since the 1940s, the underwater wreck has been reclaimed by sea creatures! Sea turtles, moray eels, and lobsters are the new crew of this old Nazi cargo ship.

The story of the SS Antilla is that it was scuttled by its crew on the west coast of the Dutch island of Aruba to avoid its seizure after Germany invaded the Netherlands in the spring of 1940.

Certainly, a historic place to scuba diver and see some of the area’s diverse marine life!

3. Arikok National Park

The protected natural territory known as the Arikok National Park occupies nearly a fifth of Aruba.

At Arikok, you will witness the very best of the island’s diverse landscape from offshore rock formations to deep caverns and some of the tallest cacti you will ever see!

The area is also where you will find well-preserved rock art made by the Caquetio people.

4. Aruba Aloe Factory

Heather Cowper via Flickr

Aruba is one of the largest aloe producers in the entire world! The oldest aloe company, Aruba Aloe Factory knows a thing or two about this magical plant!

Spend an hour at this factory and museum where you will learn everything about aloe plantations and the production of aloe sun and hair care products.

5. Aruba Sunsets

Aruba has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean!

As the sun disappears below the horizon, the sky turns different shades of cotton candy pink, blue, and purple before melting into the night.

There are some great spots from which to see the daily phenomenon, including Druif Beach and Punta Brabo.

6. Ayo Rock Formation

David Kirsch via Flickr

Located in Arikok National Park, this natural rock formation is a climbing mainstay.

This pile of massive weather-worn boulders is a great place for some quick photography. There is almost nowhere like it on the island! The elements have smoothed the boulders and many have grooves and holes carved into them.

7. Baby Beach

Claudia Y. Ros via Flickr

San Nicolas’ Baby Beach is a shallow turquoise lagoon that is perfect for family trips!

Surrounded by a crescent white sand beach, the water in this lagoon is crystal clear and calm. You’ll find a designated snorkeling area to the west. It is teeming with lots of beautiful tropical fish and tiny sea creatures!

8. Blackstone Beach

Though the water is punishing and the sand is scarce, your Aruba itinerary should still include a visit to Blackstone Beach!

This small beach is the only one with black stone pebbles. Weathering causes the black sand effect on the area’s rocky shore.

The beach is the perfect place to look at some natural arches formed due to erosion, though its more famous Natural Bridge has collapsed.

9. Boca Mahos Natural Pool

At Boca Mahos Cove, a short walk southeast of an old gold mine ruin is a hidden natural pool.

You’ll need to descend a ladder to get into this small pool. Once you are in the crystal clear water, swallowed up by the cavern, you will be glad you made the climb!

10. Boca Prins

Boca Prins Beach is one of the smallest in Aruba, and not meant for swimming. It’s the surroundings that beckon the few who know about this secluded spot, with cameras in tow!

Cliffs surround the 180-foot sliver of sand and high waves crash on the cliffs. These make Boca Prins Beach a great spot for some sunset photos or a bit of privacy away from the more touristy spots on the island.

11. Bushiribana Gold Mill

Gold prospecting expeditions to Aruba date back to the 1400s, yet the underground treasure wasn’t discovered until the 19th century!

One of the oldest industries that drew Europeans to Aruba can be witnessed at the Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins that have stood here for centuries.

The stone walls and steps stand near the shore and are a great spot at which to learn about the country’s colonial history.

12. California Lighthouse & California Dunes

On the northern tip of Aruba is the California Lighthouse, surrounded by the California Dunes.

The lighthouse, named after the SS California which sank off its coast, boasts of panoramic views of the island. The nearby dunes, also known as Hudishibana, are a secluded sandy landscape that will make you feel as if you are in the middle of a desert! 

13. Conchi Natural Pool

Kenny Theysen via Aruba National Park

This natural pool is absolutely stunning!

Conchi Natural Pool can be found in a scooped-out section of jagged rocks on Aruba’s coast. The water is an incredible emerald color, and the nearby rocks are painted in shades of white and yellow, making for a beautiful contrasted scene.

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14. Flamingos on Renaissance Island

Karl Stanton via Flickr

Flamingo Beach on the private Renaissance Island is an adults-only spot where you can make friends with flamingos!

The island can be a bit pricey to access ($125 for a day pass), but worth it for the meet and greet with the fluorescent pink tropical birds.

15. Fontein Cave

Natalie Curtiss via Flickr

One of the most spectacular caves in Aruba is located in Arikok National Park.

The cave is well lit, illuminating the fruit bats hanging from its rocky ceiling!

Fontein Cave has some of the oldest zoomorphic rock carvings on the island that date back nearly 300 years. A more recent rock drawing was added in the 19th century by the Dutch Governor A.J.K Meyers that is also well preserved.

16. Fort Zoutman and King Willem III Tower

Photo source

Fort Zoutman is the oldest standing building in Aruba and the Willem III Tower location, which served as the island nation’s first public clock and lighthouse. The annual Bonbini Aruba Festival takes place here in the Fort Zoutman courtyard.

It’s easy to see from the surrounding area thanks to it’s bright white, red, and pastel blue coloration!

The historic spot is now a historical museum where visitors can learn about the island’s past and the fort’s namesake, Dutch Rear Admiral Johan Arnold Zoutman, who never actually landed on the shores of Aruba.

17. Guadirikiri Caves

Ian Mackenzie via Flickr

Erosion in the ceiling of this cave system in Aruba allows the sunlight to illuminate the sandy floor and bask visitors in a cathedral-like glow.

The Guadirikiri Caves are located in Arikok National Park and can be accessed by a dozen steps leading into the entryway and the main room of the beautiful cave. You won’t find any flying creatures here, but the photos under the beams of light will look fantastic!

18. Lourdes Grotto

The Lourdes Grotto can be found carved into the side of a cavern with a 1,500-pound statue of the Virgin Mary standing in its center.

Since the 1950s, the grotto has been the destination of pilgrimages in Seroe Preto and is the site to which the annual Feast of Lady of Lourdes procession departs for mass.

19. Mangel Halto Beach

Via Aruba.com

There are few beaches in Aruba, or the world, that rival the tranquil beauty of Mangel Halto Beach!

The water flows from a deep blue to a stunning aquamarine, and the white sands are flanked by short blooming trees. 

Surprisingly, it is also one of Aruba’s more secluded beaches and is typically visited by snorkelers and families with children who prefer to swim in calmer waters.

20. Oranjestad

Roel van Deursen via Flickr

No trip to Aruba is complete without a short stay in its capital city, Oranjestad.

The city is where you will find some of the island nation’s most popular tourist spots nestled amongst brightly colored buildings. Places like Fort Zoutman, National Archeological Museum, beaches, and some of the best restaurants!

The area was settled 1,500 hundred years before the arrival of European explorers by Arawak Indians who canoed to the shores of Aruba from present-day Venezuela.

21. Palm Beach

There is a good chance that your visit to Aruba will bring you to Palm Beach and its many luxury hotels.

Visitors frequent this beach and its surrounding area to enjoy delicious Aruban fare, try their luck at casinos, and watch the sunset from its piers!

Small yachts dot the bay mirroring the palms that dot the periphery of the sandy white beach. Truly a great location to lay on a lounger and listen to the lapping waves.

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22. Philip’s Animal Garden

Over 50 exotic animal species and a handful of donkeys await your visit at the Philip’s Animal Garden!

Philip Merriweather created this sanctuary to protect and rehabilitate animals from Aruba and across the Caribbean. You will find some eclectic mammals and birds at this shelter, from red kangaroos and skunks to ocelots and capuchin monkeys.

The animal garden is located in Alto Vista; just 5-minutes’ drive from Alto Vista Chapel.

23. Plaza Daniel Leo

Göran Ingman via Flickr

When Aruba’s capital city was much smaller, the Plaza Daniel Leo was its main square. Today it still hosts many of the city’s cultural festivals and has some great boutique stores for a bit of vacation shopping.

The plaza is easily recognizable thanks to its unique architecture and color palette. The rowhouses stand no taller than three stories and feature intricate while moldings and colorful facades in pastel shades of blue and pink are very popular in Aruba.

You can visit the plaza for a shopping spree or have a drink in the shade, and people watch for a few hours in the afternoon.

24. Rancho Daimari Horseback Tour

Photo source

Traverse the rugged landscape of Aruba’s North Coast on horseback at Rancho Daimari.

The former coco plantation is now a travel destination for horseback excursions through the hills, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs along the coast!

Hold on tight for the bumpy ride, and make sure to bring your camera. The guided tours will take up to three hours, and transportation to the spot is provided free of charge if you prefer.

25. Seroe Colorado

The Seroe Colorado area in the southeast of Aruba has one of the most impressive rocky landscapes on the island!

The spot is home to the Seroe Colorado Arch, sometimes called Punta Basora Arch, which is a naturally formed rocky bridge at Colorado Point. As the waves and weather speed up erosion, many of the island’s arches have been collapsing in recent years. Make sure to visit Seroe Colorado and arches at Blackstone Beach while you can!

Seroe Colorado is also home to the Seroe Colorado Anchor, a bright red anchor that was fished out of the water (with a lot of help from a specialized company) after being lost by a crude carrier in rough weather. It was given a fresh coat of paint and has stood in this spot ever since.

26. The Butterfly Farm

Beautiful butterflies flutter around freely as you walk the lush greenhouses at Aruba’s Butterfly Farm in Oranjestad!

The Butterfly Farm houses hundreds of butterflies from around the world. You can learn about the life cycles of these butterflies and moths and observe their pupa and cocoons up close.

These fragile critters will undoubtedly land on your shoulder or hair and make for great photo opportunities.

27. Tres Trapi Beach

The tiny Tres Trapi, aka Three Steps Beach, is a 5-minute drive from Palm Beach and is where you will find an underwater world teeming with starfish!

This is a premier snorkeling destination in Aruba where swimmers can encounter red cushion sea stars lying on the ocean floor. The dozens of deep red starfish are a beautiful sight on the blanket of pure white sand, and swimming isn’t even necessary as they can easily be seen from above the water.

In conclusion…

I hope you see just how beautiful Aruba is!

And of course, these 27 places are not the only incredible places on this lovely island- so go see Aruba for yourself!

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Safe travels!


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I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
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