42 Unique Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Try This Season

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas Intro Image - Mom and Baby Next to Wisteria

If you want to capture adorable springtime vibes with your little one, I’ve got you covered with some fun spring baby photoshoot ideas.

Think blooming gardens, sunny outdoor scenes, and all the vibrant colors of spring!

Whether you’re a pro with the camera or just starting on your parenting journey, these ideas will help you create some seriously cute memories with your little one.

So, let’s dive in and get inspired to snap some pictures that perfectly capture the essence of spring with your mini-me!

Indoor Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas

First, I’ll cover adorable Spring baby photoshoot ideas you can amp up with cute props and accessories at home!

1. Surround Your Baby with Flowers

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Baby Surrounded by Flowers
Cara Jacobson

Lay your baby on a plain sheet and decorate it with fresh flowers, pop them in vases, or scatter petals around.

Using flowers adds a sweet, natural vibe to baby pics, capturing that spring feeling all while staying indoors!

2. Make a Flower Basket

This is one of my favorite spring baby photoshoot ideas because it’s like you’re putting your little one in the middle of a blooming garden.

Just grab a basket, fill it with colorful flowers, and gently place your baby inside, or vice versa, whichever’s more convenient for you.

If you want flowers as props and want them to last longer than fresh flowers, you can always get some artificial ones:

3. Use a Plain Basket with Floral Details

Instead of making a big flower basket, this one focuses on the smaller details. You can create a spring motif with details like a flower crown and a flower swaddle.

Grab a soft blanket, wrap your baby in a flower swaddle, and you’ve got yourself a precious setup for some adorable spring baby photos at home!

4. Create a Floral Scene on a Photo of Your Baby

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Baby Plain Surroundings

If you don’t have the time to get props, make your own!

Take a clear photo of your baby against a neutral backdrop, and let your imagination flow as you spruce up the image with playful doodles of spring-themed elements.

5. Mom and Baby Strike a Pose

Holding your baby close to your head shows off your sweet bond, and I love how they did this here!

Find a well-lit area at home, use a plain backdrop if possible (like a blanket), gently position your baby close to your face, and add a leaf headband for an adorable touch.

6. Place Your Baby on a Colorful Crib Sheet

If you want to make your springtime baby photo pop, place them on a colorful crib sheet! It adds a cheerful vibe while making your little one stand out! I love our safari crib sheet, but one with florals would be the perfect indoor spring photoshoot backdrop for a baby girl!

7. Bathing in Blooms

If you want to snap something unique, place your baby in a mini bathtub in front of your favorite house plants. Totally Instagram-worthy!

Outdoor Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas

If you want to embrace spring fully, you can show off the season’s charm with these adorable outdoor spring baby photoshoot ideas!

8. Find a Wall of Wisteria

Wisteria not only smells good but also looks good โ€” making for a stunning backdrop.

The cascading purple flowers add a touch of magic to your baby’s photos, making them feel like they’re straight out of a fairytale!

9. Make Pictures More Scenic with Bubbles

Bubbles not only make photos more whimsical, but they can also grab your baby’s attention and bring out laughs!

And you know what that means: easier photographing and a happier baby โ€” the best of both worlds for any parent!

10. Photograph Your Baby On a Scenic Bridge

Taking photos of your baby on a scenic bridge adds a sense of adventure and exploration to the pictures.

Plus, the bridge serves as a picturesque backdrop while providing a unique setting that captures the essence of springtime!

11. Create a Frame Out of Blooming Branches

I love this one because all you really need to do is angle it right!

Blooming branches provide a lovely backdrop for mom and baby, adding a natural and seasonal touch to the photos, making them feel fresh and vibrant.

12. Sunshine and an Open Field

Sunshine and an open field make for the perfect spring baby photoshoot backdrop!

And if you’ve got a baby girl, I love how lace looks against sunshine. It creates a whimsical look for your baby while giving the photos a dreamy feel.

13. Make a Blooming Tree Your Background

Using a blooming tree as your background brings in fresh, vibrant colors and a natural feel, creating a charming setting for your baby!

14. Capture Springtime Magic in a Flower Field

Nothing says spring quite like a flower field! And putting babies in blooming flowers creates an adorable contrast that’s sure to melt hearts and create beautiful photos!

15. Close-Up with Flowers/Plants

Taking close-up photos with flowers or plants adds a spring-y touch to your baby’s pictures while capturing all their adorable little details.

16. Let Your Baby Sit on a Tiny Wooden Chair/Bench

Tiny wooden chairs and benches make for cute props, so if you have some lying around, use them! They’ll create an adorable scene of your baby enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, making for heartwarming photos.

17. Close-Up of Your Baby Holding Flowers

I love seeing my baby explore his surroundings, especially in nature! Why not use this to your advantage?

Get up close to some flowers and let your little one touch them to capture not only a beautiful shot โ€” but also a memory.

18. Sitting in a Chair Outside

I really like this simple setup because it’s something we all can recreate at home. Add a stuffed animal and capture them interacting with it as well!

(I also love the bunny theme going on here for Easter! Keep on scrolling… there’s an Easter section in this post as well!)

19. Give the Scenery its Own Moment

While I love a close-up baby photoshoot, it’s fun to step back and include the whole background if you’re somewhere beautiful!

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas with Pastel Colors

No colors say spring more than pastels! Here are fun ideas to try while embracing this color palette:

20. Pastel-Colored Flat Lay

A pastel-colored flat lay makes a nice scene with soft, delicate colors that remind you of the freshness of the season.

21. Pastel Balloons for a Spring Birthday Cake Smash

Using pastel balloons for a spring birthday cake smash indoors adds a playful and festive touch, bringing extra fun and color to the celebration.

They make for a charming DIY spring-themed backdrop! I promise you that balloon arches are easier to make than you think. If you have an electric balloon pump and a balloon kit, they practically make themselves! This is the balloon kit I used, and you can find a more colorful pastel kit here:

22. Embrace a Monochromatic Pastel Color Palette

You can make your baby the star of the photo without overwhelming the scene by embracing a monochromatic pastel color palette.

Spring Baby Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, the right outfit is all we need to turn a regular photo into a spring snapshot! Here are some cute outfits I recommend for your spring baby photoshoot!

23. Wear Matching Colors

If you’re looking for an excuse to play dress-up with your baby, here’s your sign!

Matching colors with your baby creates a cute and coordinated look while highlighting the bond between you and your mini-me!

24. Use A Flower Crown

Get or make a flower crown, place it on your little one’s head, hold your baby close, and snap some heartwarming at-home pics! Easy, cute, and all about spring.

Here’s a tip to get another sweet shot with a flower crown without disturbing your baby’s nap: lay them on a cozy pillow, gently tilt them on their side, and prop their hand under their chin.

25. Dress Them Up in Pastels

Dressing your baby boy in pastel suspenders adds a cute, stylish element to your spring photos! It creates a playful and adorable look that captures the joy and light-heartedness of spring!

26. Baby Blossoms in Spring Florals

When it comes to spring, you can never go wrong with floral patterns โ€” babies are no exception!

The outfit’s vibrant colors and cheerful patterns add a lively and fresh touch to the photos. And did you notice the flowers tucked into her socks? Too cute!

27. Mom in a Floral Dress

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Mom and Baby Floral

If your immediate background is plain or you don’t have flowers to shoot in front of, make mom’s dress floral to add spring vibes!

28. Flower Sunglasses

Flower sunglasses are so cute for baby girls!

29. Pastel Collared Onesie

A pastel-collared onesie can create a cute and classic look for your baby.

In my experience, it looks best against a neutral background, making your little one stand out.

Easter Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Check out these Easter spring baby photoshoot ideas, perfect for adding a touch of springtime charm to your little one’s photo album!

30. Baby with an Easter Basket

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Baby with an Easter Basket
Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Close-Up Easter Basket

Don’t forget to get a close-up of those yummy baby feet next to those *other* yummy treats!

Cute rompers can really elevate baby photos. Here’s a similar outfit to the one my little one’s wearing!

31. Baby in an Easter Basket

Instead of picturing your baby with an Easter basket, how about getting a shot of them IN an Easter basket? Nestling your baby in one adds a playful twist to a classic Easter basket photo.

32. Easter-Themed Baby Flat Lay

Easter Baby Flat Lay

Laying your baby on a pillow surrounded by Easter decor adds a cute and festive touch to the photo while keeping your little one comfy.

Looking for a cozy pillow for your baby’s photoshoot? Check out this soft and stylish lounger!

33. Get Creative with an Egg

Who knew a discarded eggshell would make such a fun prop for spring baby photoshoot ideas? Get fancy with the angles and capture your baby in between the top and bottom portion of the shell.

34. Mom & Baby Easter Photoshoot

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Mom and Baby

Having a DIY mom and baby Easter photoshoot is a sweet way to capture the special bond between you and your little one while adding a sprinkle of Easter magic to the memories. Think pastel colors, bunny ears, and maybe a basket of eggs for extra cuteness overload!

35. Get Up Close with a Bunny Beanie

Snapping a close-up shot of your baby rocking a bunny beanie highlights the sheer adorableness, adding a playful Easter vibe without going overboard.

36. Bunny in a Basket

Dressing up your baby as a bunny and posing them inside a basket brings the Easter bunny to life in the cutest way possible!

37. Baby Holding Easter Bunny

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - Baby with a Chocolate Bunny

Whether you use a stuffed animal or bunny-shaped chocolate, this is a cute little Easter shot you can do!

38. Match a Friend

Matching your baby with a stuffed rabbit toy creates an adorable visual connection between your little one and the essence of Easter. 

It’s like doubling the cuteness factor and saying, “Look at our baby bunny and his mini-me!”

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Photoshoot Ideas

This holiday shows up right at the end of winter or beginning of spring, so I thought I’d include a section here for it in case you want some St. Patrick’s Day baby inspiration!

Looking to sprinkle some St. Patrick’s Day charm into your spring baby photoshoot ideas? Check these out!

39. St Patrick’s Day Flat Lay

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas - St. Patrick's Day Flat Lay

I love these types of photos because they’re easy and fun to make.

Imagine your baby surrounded by shamrocks, leprechaun hats, and maybe even a pot of gold, making for the sweetest shot!

40. Pot of Gold with a Twist

Imagine your baby resting snugly in a pot, surrounded by shamrocks and gold, while wearing a cute green bow for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a playful nod to the holiday, adding a touch of whimsy and cuteness.

41. Get Creative with Lucky Charms

I really like this photo, it’s like a burst of color and charm.

It perfectly captures the joy of spring and the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in one adorable snapshot.

You may want to dress up your baby to show off their charm! Here’s an adorable St. Patrick’s onesie you should check out:

42. Baby in Gold and Green

Dressing up your baby in gold and green brings out the festive vibes of St. Patrick’s Day while adding a pop of color that screams “springtime fun” in the cutest way possible!

Spring Baby Photoshoot Ideas: Conclusion

Mom and baby posing in front of wisteria wall

With these ideas in your back pocket, I hope you’re all set to create moments you’ll treasure for years.

Which ones are you itching to try out with your baby this spring? Drop a comment and let me know!

Also, if you’re looking for other spring photoshoot ideas, I have a post about general spring photoshoot post and a couples spring photoshoot post too!

Lastly, if you’ve got a little baby, you might enjoy these posts!

Happy photographing!


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I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.

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