47 Creative Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas

Getting ready for a sunflower photoshoot?

As a professional photographer and travel blogger, I know exactly how photo-worthy sunflowers are!

And I’ve compiled this list of simple and fun ideas for capturing the beauty of these golden blooms!

Whether you’re frolicking in a sunflower field or adding a touch of sunshine at home, being creative with sunflower-themed photoshoots can brighten your day!

In this post, I’ll share:

  • Where to take sunflower photos (psst… you don’t always need a sunflower field!)
  • Sunflower field photo poses and photo inspiration
  • Fun props you can bring to your sunflower photoshoot
  • Creative angles for your sunflower photos
  • Sunflower photoshoot ideas without a sunflower field
  • Baby sunflower photoshoot ideas
  • And what to wear to look great with sunflowers!

So, let’s get started and bring your Instagram to life with these sunflower photoshoot ideas!

Where to Take Sunflower Photos

For a sunflower photoshoot, there are various location options available. Whether indoors or outdoors, each offers unique opportunities to capture that perfect sunflower shot.

Here are some great places for your sunflower photoshoot:

A Sunflower Field

Find the best sunflower fields near you by checking local farm listings or social media groups dedicated to flower enthusiasts. 

Sunflowers typically bloom during the summer months, but in regions like Florida and California, they often burst into bloom during the springtime. Who knows, you might even spot some blooming nearby!

 (If you’re in Dallas, check out this post to see my favorite sunflower fields!)

On the Side of the Road

Sundance Mountain Resort

If you’re driving past a sunflower field or on a road trip, look out for wild sunflowers along the way. Take a moment to stop and snap a photo with these bright blooms as your backdrop.

With Sunflowers Growing in the Wild

Sometimes you see some sunflowers growing out in the wild and have to do a spontaneous photoshoot! That’s exactly what happened here with this photo I got in Myanmar. I love how wild these sunflowers look – it’s almost jungle-like!

Find a Sunflower Mural

For an easy sunflower photoshoot that you can do year-round, find a nearby mural featuring sunflowers! We got this photo in the winter in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Do an At-Home Sunflower Photoshoot

Embrace the sunny vibes with a DIY sunflower photoshoot at home! Raid your surroundings for props – there’s plenty to choose from. Pair those bright blooms with your favorite items for a personalized touch.

No fresh sunflower blooms? You can buy artificial flowers like this:

Sunflower Field Photoshoot Poses

Want to nail that sunflower photoshoot without needing a pro photographer? No sweat! Check out these simple poses that will help you get great shots. Let’s make your sunflower pics pop!

1. Throw up a Peace Sign

If you’re feeling unsure about posing for photos, putting up a peace sign adds a carefree touch and keeps your hands occupied without needing any extra props!

2. Put Sunflowers in Your Pocket

Peeking flowers from your back pocket is a cutesy way to spruce up your spring photos. Cue the caption “I’ve got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine” 😉

If you want your picture to have that rustic vibe, check out this straw sun hat like the one I’m wearing in this shot!

3. Follow me to the Sunflower Field

This is one of my favorite poses as it uses both your hand and your partner’s for a cool perspective.

4. Throw Your Hands Up in the Air

Another fun pose is to stand with the sunflower field as your backdrop and throw your hands up in the air like you’re embracing the sunshine!

5. Put Sunflowers in Your Shoes

Here’s an easy and cutesy sunflower photo idea! If you’re wearing boots, tall socks, or really any type of shoe that that comes up to at least your ankle, you can stick some sunflowers in them!

6. Angle Your Face to the Sun

When wearing a hat, I’ve found the best way to avoid awkward shadows is to angle my face to the sun. You can close your eyes and just bask in the warmth! Even without a hat, this is a great pose for a sunflower field photoshoot.

7. Walk Away from the Camera

I love this pose because you don’t need to worry about what your face is doing and you naturally add movement to your photo, making it look more candid!

8. A Profile Shot

Another easy pose for a sunflower photoshoot is to get a profile shot. (If you’re wearing a hat for this idea, it’s best to turn away from the sun so that your whole face is in shadows instead of unevenly shaded.)

And if you need a cowboy hat to complement your photoshoot outfit, check out this one:

9. Hide Your Face with Sunflowers

Girl wearing a white wedding dress while holding sunflowers in front of her face

If you’re camera-shy, you can use your bouquet to hide your face!

Okay, I know this second photo isn’t in a sunflower field, but I just wanted to show you how this pose works in different settings!

10. Blow a Kiss

Blowing a kiss is super cute and fun! Try doing it straight on, at eye level with the camera for the best look!

11. Interact with the Sunflowers

You can lean in close to smell a sunflower or simply play with it to occupy your hands – keep it fun and carefree!

I love how she kicked up a leg while interacting with a sunflower!

12. Flip Your Hair

Flipping your hair adds movement to a photo, bringing a dynamic twist to your sunflower field shoot. It’s an easy way to add motion!

If you’re using an iPhone to shoot, here’s a photo tip: Make sure your iPhone is set to live photo mode, not burst mode. With live photos, you can later select the frame where your hair looks best. For DSLRs, use quick-shutter mode and a high shutter speed to capture sharp images of your hair.

13. Heart Hands

For this pose, position your ‘heart hands’ against the sun in a sunflower field for a picture-perfect moment.

14. Hold a Sunflower Behind Your Back

Hold a sunflower behind you for a playful pose!

For more general tips on how to pose for photos, check out this post!

15. Lift Her Up

Man holds up a woman wearing a white dress, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots in front of a sunflower field in Texas

If you’re with your partner, capture a fun moment where he lifts you! It adds a playful touch to your sunflower photoshoot.

16. Piggyback

You can also try a piggyback ride; it’s a fun and cute way to pose as a couple!

Need more couple poses? Here’s a post on the best poses for couples if you need more ideas!

Props to Bring to a Sunflower Photoshoot

Here are some sunflower photoshoot ideas that include fun props! Sometimes, if you’re lacking inspiration, all you need is a good prop to work with!

17. A Hat

As a huge fan of hats, you’ll rarely find me without one in photos. And they’re perfect for a sunny sunflower photoshoot, whether you wear it or hold it.

I love the hat I used in this photo! And Lack of Color is one of my favorite hat brands!

18. Sunflower Photoshoot with Mirror

Add a twist to your sunflower photoshoot by bringing a mirror outside for an interesting perspective!

19. Fun Shoes

Get your shoe game on point with these vibrant yellow kicks! You can feature any special shoe for this type of photo, but here are some yellow converse dupes if you want to match the photo:

20. Feature Your Artwork

How cool is this?

If you’re an artist or have a great sunflower painting, you can show it off in your next sunflower photoshoot!

21. Sunflower Photoshoot Idea with Bubbles

Bubbles can bring a whimsical vibe to your sunflower photoshoot!

22. An Aesthetic Basket of Sunflowers

A wicker basket adds to the dreamy vibes that come with flower picking!

23. Bring Books into a Sunflower Field

You can use books as props to add a unique element to your sunflower field photoshoot.

24. Make a Sunflower Crown

Sunflower crowns are a beautiful addition to a photoshoot, whether you use them at a sunflower field or anywhere else!

(Check out this post if you’d like to make your own sunflower crown.)

You also can buy one like this:

25. Mini Sunflower Clips for Your Hair

Add a pop of sunshine to your look by tucking mini sunflowers into your hair! Here are some mini sunflower clips that you can use:

26. A Bow in Your Hair

Alternatively, spruce up your sunflower photoshoot look with a bow in your hair!

Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas: Unique Angles to Capture

Now that we’ve covered poses and props, let’s talk unique camera angles! Here are some neat ideas to try for your next sunflower photoshoot!

27. The Close Up

You can try this one if you don’t have a nice background or just want to take a close-up photo.

28. Through the Sunflowers

Use sunflowers in the rows between you and the camera to create depth in your photo. I love having foreground details!

29. Put a Sunflower in the Foreground

Speaking of foreground details, you can literally hold a sunflower close to the camera to create depth.

30. Angled Up

You can also angle up for photos in sunflower fields. I specifically had Harrison angle up here because I didn’t want a huge forest of green in my background. By angling up, the forest was mostly hidden, and we got more sky instead!

31. From Above With A Drone

By shooting with a drone or something like an Insta360, you can really see all of the sunflowers around you. What a cool effect!

32. Shoot In Between Rows

If the sunflower rows are close together, you can shoot straight down a row. This gives total Alice-in-Wonderland vibes to me!

Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas Without A Sunflower Field

You don’t need an epic sunflower field to have a sunflower photoshoot! If you’re feeling creative and crafty, here are some fun sunflower photoshoot ideas for you to try out at home or outside!

33. Sunflowers and a Sunflower Skirt

No sunflower field? Double up on the sunflowers by holding a bouquet and wearing them on your outfit! And offering a sunflower to the viewer is a fun pose you can do for this shoot!

Here’s the same skirt that I’m wearing:

34. A Sunflower Bath Tub Photoshoot

Put some sunflowers in your bath, either in the water or around the tub. You can also wear a sunflower crown for a playful touch!

35. Use Your Wedding Dress

If you’re already married, why not take some photos in your wedding dress? And if you’re engaged and searching for the perfect dress, bring your camera along for a fun photoshoot!

36. Hang Out of a Car Window

Stick your head out the window and feel the breeze as you hold a bunch of sunflowers in one hand and play with your hair with the other. It’s a solid blend of carefree and chic for that sun-kissed photo op.

37. Make a Sunflower Top

Another creative idea for a sunflower photoshoot is to create a floral sunflower top!

38. Bring Sunflowers into Your Room

If you’re craving a sunflower field but can’t find one, why not bring the field into your room? It’s a simple and bright idea that can turn any space into a beautiful photoshoot spot.

39. Play with Shadows

You know that soft, gentle light that comes through your window? Well, it’s magic for photos! It makes photos look soft and inviting without any harsh glare from the sun. Add a sunflower for a beautiful touch.

40. Put a Hat/Sunglasses on a Sunflower

This photo made me laugh out loud! How about adding a playful twist to a sunflower photoshoot by putting a hat and sunglasses on a sunflower?

41. Crochet Sunflowers

Unless you’re a crochet pro, if you want to try this shot, you may want to pick up some crocheted sunflowers like these:

42. Show Off Sunflower Nails

Show off your vibrant sunflower nail art for a simple photoshoot!

You’ll probably want to pick up some of these if you want to pull this off:

43. Show off Your Sunflower Tattoo

No sunflower tattoos? No problem! You can have someone draw some or get some temporary tattoos instead.

44. Show off Your Sunflower-Inspired Makeup

If you are a skilled makeup artist, showing off your sunflower-inspired makeup can make for an excellent photoshoot!

Bonus: Baby Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas

If you’ve got a little one, you can create the most adorable sunflower photoshoot with these ideas!

45. Baby Sunflower Photoshoot Idea: In a Basket

Capture your baby in a basket in a sunflower field! This sunflower photoshoot idea is simple and adorable!

For more spring baby photoshoot ideas, check out this article!

46. Baby Sunflower Photoshoot Idea: In a Sink Bath

For this sunflower photoshoot, fill up the kitchen sink (this photo will come out best if you’ve got a window nearby or a lot of natural light!) and get the bubbles out! Don’t forget some sunflowers in the background! It’s simple, sweet, and oh-so-adorable!

47. Baby Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas: A Cake Smash

Embrace your little sunflower’s milestone with a sunflower-themed cake smash— pure joy captured in a snapshot as they dive into their sweet treat!

(Check out this post for more adorable baby cake smash ideas!)

Sunflower Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Here are some of my favorite tips for what to wear to a sunflower photoshoot!

Stand Out with Blue

Add a complimentary color with your sunflower photoshoot outfit by wearing something blue – it stands out among yellow sunflowers and matches the sky!

Blend In with Yellow

On the opposite end of the spectrum, wear a yellow dress for your sunflower photoshoot. Yellow complements the flowers and adds to the sunny ambiance.

Go Neutral with White

You can’t go wrong with white; it’s a classic option that makes those bright flowers stand out.

Wear Something Floral

Put on a floral dress that matches the sunny yellows of a sunflower field, and you’re all set for a fun photoshoot feeling happy and stylish.

Embrace Cottage-Core with Gingham

Rocking a gingham dress for your sunflower photoshoot is a classic choice to go with the sunny blooms. It’s a charming choice that gives cottage-core vibes!

Go for Western Vibes

For this outfit idea, pair denim shorts with boots for that rustic vibe.

Here’s a similar pair of boots:

Sunflower Photoshoot Ideas: Conclusion

And there you have it! I hope these sunflower photoshoot ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing!

Which of these sunny concepts are you looking forward to bringing to life? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

And hey, if you’ve got some dazzling sunflower photoshoot ideas that I’ve missed, I’m all ears—share them in the comments! Your creativity could be the next big inspiration for fellow photographers.

Happy frolicking in the sunflower fields! 


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Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
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