Your 2024 Guide to Texas Tulips in Pilot Point (& Photo Inspiration)

woman picking tulips at texas tulips

What is Texas Tulips?

Texas Tulips is the largest tulip farm in Texas. I’d argue that it’s the prettiest tulip farm in Texas, too!

It is basically a huge tulip farm that welcomes people to pick tulips for $2.50/stem.

Most tulip farms are in the northwest, but this magical place is right here in Texas. Run by a Dutch family who migrated to Texas to start their tulip farm, this place is a flower-lovers haven.

Texas Tulips has a Dallas-Fort Worth area and San Antonio location; this post is about the one in Pilot Point, near Dallas.

Here’s a video from our visit right at the beginning of the season! If you can’t see the video, try turning off your ad-blocker and it should appear!

If you’re looking for Texas Tulips photo inspiration, scroll through this post to see some of the types of shots you can take!

Texas Tulips 2024 Season Dates

Texas Tulips will be open from February 23rd until the end of the season, which is typically late March or early April.

When is the best time to visit Texas Tulips in Pilot Point?

The optimal time to visit Texas Tulips in Pilot Point each year is usually mid-March.

On a daily basis, weekdays are when you’ll find fewer crowds; weekends are the busiest times. On an hourly basis, visiting earlier in the day is usually better if you want to avoid crowds.

(I’ve included an FAQ section at the end of this post, but since this is the biggest question I get asked, it gets to be right at the beginning of this article!)

How Last Season Went

Sometimes freezes and other seasonally uncommon weather can mean the tulips are slow to shoot up which can result in short stems at the beginning of tulip season, with only one section in bloom.

However, even when this happens, every day more and more rows bloom. As the season progresses, Texas Tulips just gets prettier and prettier!

In 2023, the best time to visit was in mid-March. Around March 13th, the tulips were about 2 feet tall, instead of 6 inches tall like when we visited at the beginning of the season on March 5th.

Even though the tulips were slow to bloom, the season still only ran until early April. The higher temperatures in April are typically what end the season.

Regardless of tulip height, keep in mind that the tulips are usually only in bloom for 5 weeks, so whenever you can fit in your visit, go!

My Texas Tulips Experiences

I’ve visited Texas Tulips in Pilot Point several times now:

  • at the end of the season in 2018 with my husband
  • in the middle of the season in 2019 with my friend Angie
  • and at the beginning of the 2022 season with my husband (and our unborn baby!)

On my first visit to Texas Tulips, my husband, Harrison, took me for our 3-year marriage anniversary and it was such a lovely way to spend the day! We left Dallas around four-o-clock on a Tuesday and embarked on the one-hour drive to Pilot Point, TX for the very last day of Texas Tulips!

In 2019, I went with Angie, a fellow blogger and friend. We actually spent a whopping five hours here taking pictures and basking in the sunshine!

Then, in 2022, Harrison and I visited at the beginning of the season. As I stated in the update, the flowers were shorter and much more sparse than I’d experienced in the past. However, with the right photo angles, you can still get great photos at the beginning of the season.

As you can tell, my three experiences have all been pretty different because we visited at different times in the season. When I visit this year, I’ll update this post with our 2024 experience!

I’ll talk about that more in a bit.

Without further ado, here are nine things you’ll find at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point. Read until the end where I’ve included some other helpful information to know before going!

9 Things You’ll Find at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point

Here are some things to know before visiting Texas Tulips. Note that you’ll find even more information in the FAQ section at the bottom of this article!

1. A Limited Tulip Season

The blooms are only on display from late February to early-mid April.

It depends heavily on the weather, as that determines when they’ll first start to bloom. Generally speaking, you can expect a five-week tulip season at Texas Tulips.

Definitely check their site here beforehand to see if it’s Texas Tulips season.

2. Tulips Until the Very End

texas tulips

Fortunately for any latecomers or if you can’t visit until the end of the season, there will still be a few beautiful rows of tulips to pick from and photograph.

They specifically plant late-blooming tulips to make sure there are some for everyone, even late in the season. It won’t look quite like the photo above, since that’s from when we visited the second time, but you should be able to capture the tulips from certain angles to make them look fuller.

Keep an eye on the weather though- in 2020 the season ended early (around March 23rd) due to heavy rain!

3. Baskets for Flower Picking

They supply cute baskets for holding your tulips as you pick them.

Even with the baskets, one thing to beware of is the winds that blow across the tulip fields.

The baskets do a good job at keeping your flowers in one place, but when the wind blows, it blows mercilessly! (At least it did for me the first two years I visited!)

We had a few tulips blow right off of our basket that we had to chase down.

4. Make Your Own Bouquet

tulips close up

At the end of your time picking flowers, you take them up to the counter to purchase the stems at $2.50 per stem.

The workers will set the stems in a flower transport gel to keep them fresh, then they wrap them up in tissue paper.

If you’re spending more than a couple of hours in the fields, your flowers will probably start to wilt.

But don’t worry! Once they’re placed in water, they spring up and look brand new!

Looking for more flowers in North Texas? Check out these two beautiful places: The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails and The Dallas Arboretum.

5. Wonderful Owners

On our first ever visit to Texas Tulips in Pilot Point, since the crowd had thinned out by the time we arrived, we got to meet the owners. They were so kind and even gave us an extra tulip from their garden with our bouquet.

They also had free admission for closing day back in 2018!

The Texas Tulips staff will teach you how to pick the tulips properly, which is by pulling straight up on the very bottom of the stem.

6. The Perfect Date, Friends, and Family Spot

two girls in tulip fields
girls walking along tulips

Flowers and bouquets shout romance, fun, and photos to me.

As I mentioned earlier, Harrison and I went to Texas Tulips for our three-year anniversary in 2018.

It was so fitting, and this place offers an absolutely perfect date activity.

Alternatively, it’s a fun activity to share with friends!

Angie and I had so much fun choosing our favorite stems and catching up as we walked along the rows of tulips.

And if you’re simply looking for the perfect family photoshoot location- you’ve found it! (Looking for more great photo spots in the Dallas area? Check out this post!)

7. Weekend Lines

The first time I visited, we didn’t have an issue with lines since we went on the very last day. However, if you want to see the most tulips, you should go earlier in the season.

The problem with that, of course, is that EVERYONE wants to see the tulips mid-season. People drive from far away to see these gorgeous flower fields!

From my research and looking at reviews, this typically results in a line of cars pulling in and a long line when entering and checking out.

To avoid long lines, visit on weekdays if you can, or try to arrive as early as possible.

When Angie and I visited, we went on a Wednesday right in the middle of the season and it was perfect!

There were still people around, but we could easily frame our shots to have an empty background (or we waited until the groups moved out of the shots).

8. Amenities

Bathrooms, picnic benches, concession stands- you’ll find all of these here.

9. Tulip Varieties

The tulips are planted in rows and are labeled by type. You’ll find all kinds of tulips here! Each type blooms at different times, which helps make the season longer. It also helps guarantee that there are tulips in bloom no matter when you visit during the season.

Texas Tulips FAQs

woman with basket of tulips at texas tulips

Where is Texas Tulips?

You’ll find Texas Tulips about an hour north of Dallas in Pilot Point. The exact address is 10656 FM 2931, Pilot Point, TX 76258.

There is also a San Antonio location.

What is the entrance fee to Texas Tulips in Pilot Point?

  • There is an entrance fee of $6 per adult. You can pay in cash, credit, or debit card.
  • Veterans and seniors pay $10. This price includes 4 tulip stems. This rate is only available during the week on business days. Field trips and large groups can also get this rate.
  • Children 12 months and under are free. When I was researching Texas Tulips before visiting for the first time, I noticed that a lot of people wrote bad reviews because of this. But keep in mind that this is a local, family-owned farm. This short season probably fuels their income (just me speculating), so if we want to keep seeing their magical tulip farm each year, it’s money well spent!
  • Parking is free.

Can you pick the tulips?

Yes! They’re not just for looking at! You are encouraged to pick the tulips (and you pay for what you pick). To pick tulips, grab the stem at the base and pull straight up.

How much is it to buy the tulips?

Each tulip stem costs $2.50 (2024 pricing). Your tulips will be put into a bouquet with the stems in a small plastic bag of flower gel. You then choose which color tissue paper you’d like your bouquet wrapped in.

When are the hours at Texas Tulips?

For the 2024 season, they are open daily from 10am to 8pm.

How long will the Texas Tulips season be?

The 2024 season runs from February 23rd until the end of March or early April.

There is no specific end date; you’ll want to check the Texas Tulips website or Instagram account for updates on when the season ends. The end date is weather-dependent.

How is parking at Texas Tulips?

While there may be lines of cars waiting to pull in at peak times on weekends, generally speaking, you should be able to find a place to park. They have designated a very large area for parking, and parking is free.

What should I wear to the tulip fields?

You are walking on dirt, so if it has rained, the ground will be muddy. Even if it hasn’t rained, there’s a good chance that the ground has been recently irrigated. Dress accordingly in shoes you don’t mind getting dirt on!

It can be extremely windy! Because Texas Tulips is in a wide-open space, expect there to be wind. The first two times I went were incredibly windy. So a note to my fellow ladies out there: avoid short flowy dresses! That’s a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen!

Additionally, be sure to bring sunscreen and sunglasses or a hat to protect your skin and eyes from that Texas sun.

Are furry friends allowed?

Due to the nature of this activity, pets are not allowed in the field or even in the parking lot/in cars. (Call them for service dog exceptions).

Are the tulip fields handicap-friendly?

Wheelchairs are only possible if the walking paths between rows are dry. Unfortunately, if it has recently rained, chances are wheelchairs would get stuck in the mud!

Is professional photography allowed?

Professional photography is allowed at Texas Tulips and no appointment is needed. There is simply a $25 entrance fee which gives you a day pass for professional photography.

Follow-up question: what counts as professional photography?

I’d consider myself a professional photographer, and I come into Texas Tulips each year with my DSLR camera, tripod, and gimbal for video recording. (Check out what’s in my camera bag here!) In 2019, my friend and I changed outfits three times! Yet, I’ve never been charged a photography fee.

As a result, my conclusion is that if you are paying a photographer to take family/senior/engagement/wedding/etc. photos (instead of doing them yourselves), that would qualify as professional photography.

Another follow-up question: what about drones?

Drones are not allowed at Texas Tulips.

Can I bring my own food?

No outside food is allowed at Texas Tulips. There are concession stands where you can buy snacks such as chips, candy, soda, and more.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, there are multiple port-a-potties right by the entrance to Texas Tulips.

Texas Tulips 2024: Conclusion…

I hope this helps you know what to expect at Texas Tulips in Pilot Point! These flower fields are a total Texas gem, you won’t want to miss them!

If you haven’t gone yet, mark your calendar for March (and potentially April)!

Any questions? Comment below!

Happy tulip picking,


PS. Check out my post on where to find flower fields in Dallas throughout the year so that you can mark your calendar in advance!

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Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.
Picture of Jasmine Alley

Jasmine Alley

I'm a Dallas-based, full-time travel blogger with a serious case of wanderlust! Through my website and Instagram, I hope to help others plan picture-perfect trips to the most beautiful places in the world! When I travel, I like to emphasize nature, hidden gems, and unique places.

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  1. Did the tulips suffer any freeze damage from the Winter Storm we had Late February early March. Has it affected the tulip growth.

    1. Hi Daniel! I’m not sure if it did! But I’m guessing not since thousands of tulips are blooming at Texas Tulips right now! I hope you get the chance to visit!

  2. Are there plenty of tulips still blooming for Sunday the 21 of March.
    Your photos on your site are very nice.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi! We want to visit tomorrow.l Do you recommend a nearby hotel in case you want to stay in town for one night?

  4. I went on March 27 with my friend and after we paid to get inside, there were no tulips left. Why would you still be taking peoples money, and there was still long lines to enter and more people coming, knowing that there were no tulips left. I feel as though my friend and I should have been reimbursed and no one else should have been allowed to enter if there’s no tulips. I believe you’re just taking peoples money not caring if they get any tulips or not. Very disappointed and I will never go back.

    1. Hi Dottie,

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! To clarify, I am in no way affiliated with Texas Tulips and don’t receive any compensation from them. This post is simply based on my experiences there.

      If you’re looking for other beautiful flowers, you should check out the Ennis bluebonnets which should bloom soon! They are free to see!

      – Jasmine

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