5 Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico

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Over Memorial Day Weekend, Harrison and I got to take a little weekend getaway to Cancun. Since our trip was only three days long, we wanted to make the most of it!

Here are five things we did in Cancun that I think anyone should do when visiting! These  Cancun activites help you learn the culture, explore nature, and get in touch with the local wildlife.

Shop at Mercado 28

mercado 28 cancun pink stairs girl

My favorite thing to do in a new country is to shop local and bring home a treasure. My goal for a souvenier in Cancun was to buy a Mexican emboridered dress.

I found just that- and a whole lot more- at Mercado 28.

If your goal is to shop local, this place is a MUST.

Comprised of probably over a hundred different shops, Mercado 28 is where you’ll find local goods at a bargain price.

And though prices are great there, ALWAYS NEGOTIATE. Never buy something for the first price you’re told! Shop around as much as you’d like, and don’t feel pressured to buy something.

As long as you’ve got these skills down, you’ll do great. Read more about it here!

Go ziplining

A great way to see the gorgeous jungle in Cancun is to fly on top of it via zip-line!

We found a great tour package at Mercado 28 for ziplining, cenote diving, and horseback riding (more on these later).

Our zipline had six lines and a treetop walkway, which just added to the adventure!

Dive into a cenote

Cenotes are a MUST when visiting Cancun/Playa del Carmen. There’s a whole road that is lined with cenotes inbetween Cancun and Playa. The thing is- they are hidden and often times you need a guide to show you the entrance.

Since our cenote was a part of our package, we didn’t have to spend time looking for a cenote. Instead, we were driven right to one, where we got to jump on in!

There are 3 types: a covered cenote (with a full cave top), an open cenote (no top on it at all, just a giant swimming hole), and the semi-covered, like this one here.

Go horseback riding

Horses are my favorite form of getting to know new terrain.

We rode horses in Kigali, Rwanda last summer- and it offered a breathtaking view of the city.

This time, we rode horses through a jungle road in Cancun. Such a fun way to explore a new place!

We even got to wade through a lake with our horses!

Swim with dolphins

Because when by the ocean… why not??

These playful gentle creatures were the highlight of our trip!

We did a Dolphin Discovery program on Isla Mujeres, right off of the coast of Cancun.

While it definitely was a tourist trap and the most expensive activity we did, it was worth it!

Having a dolphin pull you on it’s back or having one push you on a boogie board- these are experiences you’ll never forget.

We even opted for the photos afterward so we could treasure the experience forever!

There are plenty of other things to do in Cancun- unfortunately we were only there for 3 days! If you’re on a short trip like we were, these five things should definitely make your list!

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    1. Hi Kara! No, we did not! We found a package that included the horseback ride once we were there! A lot of times the hotel/resort where you are staying has different excursion packages they offer or can recommend!

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